DOT funding to help Springhill Airport

By Tina Montgomery

The City of Springhill Airport will now be able to do some much needed improvements thanks to some funding from the Department of Transportation.

On Tuesday, July 26, Senator Bill Cassidy announced the DOT will grant a total of $1,101,788 to improve and modernize several local Louisiana airports. The Springhill Airport is receiving $67,000 for airport rehabilitation.

Airport Manager Steven Burdeaux said the funding will go to a lighting system project that has been planned for several years. 

“Usually when we plan for projects it’s 5 to 6 years out. We have to adjust our plans according to when we receive the funds” he said.

The lighting system project will upgrade the airfield LED lighting system. 

“It’s a very old system and requires a lot of maintenance. We’ll work on the design this year and plan for construction next year” Bordeaux said.

In Senator Cassidy’s announcement he said “Louisiana’s airports have experienced decay due to a lack of funding and multiple natural disasters. This funding, along with money from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, will improve our airports and make our local cities more attractive for opportunity.”

The other airports receiving the funds include Leesburg Airport, Acadiana Regional Airport (Iberia Parish), DeQuincy Industrial Airpark, and Jennings Airport.

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