Home, Sweet Home … where is it?

(Rocker’s note: We’re sittin’ in a chair far, far from the ol’ homestead for a couple of weeks, so the next offerings will be brief. Back soon.)

OK students. We have a homework assignment. Just for grins, take a look at the list of candidates who filed for office in our home town’s upcoming elections. Please notice which candidate does not list a physical address which is, by the way, required according to an attorney friend in Baton Rouge familiar with election laws.

When (and if) you check the list, you’ll find one filing showing only a post office box in the address section. No physical address. Nothing to identify a local residence. A simple mistake? A lack of understanding of what is required according to the Secretary of State? Maybe it’s what some of us would call an “oopsie” and nothing more. Maybe.

We’re told a violation of this sort could have led to a Shreveport-type situation if anyone living in the city had filed a court challenge. Our Red Stick friend indicated that when filing, a candidate can enter a post office box as a separate mailing address, but a domicile address is required. 

A challenge to this candidate could have been entered by a resident of the city, but there’s a time limit to do so and that limit has long passed. What we have now is a moot point, but it’s something that doesn’t need to be muted. This little “oversight” might be nothing to some, but to others it could indicate how one might perceive themselves as someone to whom rules do not apply. 

Or, could this little deal mean there’s something about a physical location that needs to be hidden? If so, why?

There’s a probability our city administration that includes council, mayor and chief of police will have a new look. There’s a definitebility that this incoming administrative group will be under serious scrutiny from the public they are elected to serve. The folks seeking office need to adjust this previously pervasive attitude that being against someone equals good government and concentrate on the word “serve.” A true servant knows “we” is stronger than “me” and is willing to live it.

Next week, we plan to take a poke at the hornet nest. Rock on.