Apaches’ scrimmage conditions team for coming season

Photo by Landrie Still

By Landrie Still

The Apaches traveled to Southwood Friday night for a preseason scrimmage. Glenbrook, Southwood, and North Caddo were each granted a certain number of plays to allow for maximum experience amongst each other. Apache Football Head Coach, David Feaster, expressed after the scrimmages that the Apaches would return to Glenbrook School on Monday to specifically focus on conditioning because, “Conditioning is a huge deal the first week of the season…because [the team] will be playing so much harder than they’ve ever played in practice.”

In part one of the scrimmage series, Glenbrook showcased their offense against North Caddo, resulting in two Apache touchdowns. The first touchdown was scored by DJ Carter after Landry Powell and Carter made long drives on Ty Feaster’s passes. The second touchdown was scored as a result of a long pass from Feaster to Maddox Mandino. Coach Feaster later complemented the Apaches’ ability to control the ball when he expressed, “Offensively we did a lot of things well.”

Later in the night, Glenbrook faced North Caddo again, except Glenbrook was playing defense. Powell, Tre Kent, and Hayden Harmon each made clean tackles towards North Caddo’s offense. Following the tackles, Harmon picked off a pass made by North Caddo, which Coach Feaster declared “was huge for us.” 

The Apaches faced Southwood while committing to a strong defense. Jonathan Bryant and Harmon succeeded in making big stops as Southwood attempted to make drives up the middle. Southwood managed to score one touchdown against the Apaches during the first Apache, Cowboy faceoff. Coach Feaster was quick to name Harmon as one of the standouts of the night, along with Carter, Sentell, Mandino, and Powell, stating that “the difference between our offense this year and last year is one guy – Landry Powell, because he stepped up to take former Apache Football player, Cale Hollis’s position.”

Wrapping up the three-way scrimmage, the Apaches played their offense against Southwood’s defense. Feaster connected with Chase Sentell and Powell, giving the Apaches a strong start. After the scrimmage, Coach Feaster pointed out Sentell’s strong performance of the night. In a strategic offensive play, Kent made a great run dodging multiple defenders, but was stopped just short of the end-zone. The Apaches concluded the night by a long scoring run by Maddox Mandino. Coach Feaster felt the Apache Offense was successful because as a team, they aim to have as many receivers as possible intercept the ball to switch the circumstances of the game, and on Friday night, that goal was achieved. 

Coach Feaster concluded that, “Tonight, we got everything that we wanted – we had good weather, the boys did well, and no one got hurt.” The Apaches played very well on Friday night, and are looking forward to the upcoming season. The next Apache Football game will take place on Friday, August 26 when the Apaches will take on the football teams of Rosepine and Ferriday High Schools in a preseason jamboree at Holy Savior Menard Central High School.

Photo by Landrie Still

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