Apaches play well in scrimmage

By Landrie Still

The Glenbrook Apaches made their way to Holy Savior Menard High School in Alexandria, Louisiana to participate in the CenLa Jamboree on Friday, August 26. The Apaches first faced the Rosepine High School Eagles at 5:30 p.m., and the Ferriday High School Trojans at 6:30 p.m. The Apaches fought hard each play of the 12 minute games. In a post game interview, Glenbrook Football Head Coach David Feaster showed his excitement for the upcoming season as a result of his team’s persistent athletic performance. 

Feaster acknowledged the Apaches “had some big plays on defense which were key to not letting the Eagles and Trojans score, but we had so many great plays on offense that the opposing teams just couldn’t stop us.”

Before the start of the Rosepine and Glenbrook game, Turner McLelland, Luke Vining and Cason Clemons represented the Apaches in the coin toss, setting the tone for the game. Ty Feaster and McLelland worked together throughout the first play to gain an Apache first down. Many Glenbrook first downs were earned during both games because of the cohesive efforts shown by the Apaches. The first touchdown of the night was scored by Junior Chase Sentell, along with the first field goal of the night completed by Ty Feaster. During the kickoff, Hayden Harmon and Toby Haulmark teamed up to stop the ball. On the next play, Rhett Johnson made a hard stop, which was mentioned by Coach Feaster after Johnson was named as one of the players who helped to strongly lead the team this past Friday night.

Later in the game, the Rosepine Eagles moved into their scoring position, which led to a successful touchdown and field goal, evening the score to 7-7. After the yardage reset, Feaster passed the ball to Tre Kent, earning the Apaches another first down, which ultimately set up the Apaches for success. During the next play, Feaster made a long, clean pass to McLelland, who scored the second Glenbrook touchdown, which Coach David Feaster expressed was the most memorable play of the night, increasing Glenbrook’s score to 14. The excitement of the game increased as the Eagles, with 2 holding penalties and 26 seconds left on the clock, had one more attempt to tie the game. The Eagle pass was incomplete as a result of Garrett Brown’s hard tackle. With 6 seconds left in the game, Senior Dayton Sims swatted the football away from the Eagle receiver, making a huge stop and finalizing the score, Apaches 14, Eagles 7.

Hayden Harmon, Rhett Johnson, and Trey Yetman began the portion of the night played against the Trojans of Ferriday High School by leading the Apaches during the coin toss. Mirroring the first play of the game against Rosepine, Feaster once again made a complete pass to McLelland. In the next few plays, Feaster, Sentell, Carter, and Clemons played hard while simultaneously working together, leading to the first Apache touchdown and extra point of the second game. Quickly following the touchdown, Sophomore Jonathon Bryant made a hard tackle of the Trojan quarterback. The reliance between Feaster and Clemons once again aided the Apaches in scoring yet another touchdown, changing the score to 14-0 with the Apaches widening their lead. 

Sims carried the ball, thus resulting in an Apache first down right inside of the 10 yard line. Both Johnson and Feaster played major roles leading up to the scoring of the last Apache touchdown of the night, scored by Mandino. The final score of the Glenbrook, Ferriday game was 20-0, giving the Apaches yet another preseason victory. 

Coach Feaster concluded the post-game interview by saying that the team succeeded because “there were so many guys to go to that could lead the team to overall success.” Coach David Feaster named Senior Cason Clemons as the Apache standout of the night because of his two major touchdown catches and his outstanding performance. Next week, the Glenbrook Apaches will play their first official game against the Cedar Creek Cougars on Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 pm at Glenbrook School.