Ronnie Hearnsberger announces his candidacy for Mayor of Springhill

I am Ronnie Hearnsberger and I am requesting the opportunity to serve the people of Springhill as Mayor. I grew up in Springhill and have successfully operated businesses here for the past forty years. During the past three years, I have Springhill as Alderman for District Two.

I have grown very frustrated as our city council continues to vote for utility rate increases while wasting tens of thousands of dollars every year on unnecessary spending. Over 34% of Springhill residents are living below the “poverty” level. Our Springhill residents need leadership that will use fiscal responsibility to eliminate the wasteful spending that results in higher taxes and utility bills.

I have tried to bring increased transparency and accountability to city government by making motions to have our council meetings broadcast on social media, but our current mayor will not even put this issue on the meeting agenda. I have offered to pay for installing GPS tracking devices in all city-owned vehicles, but our mayor refuses to allow this. Is there information we do not want to know?

I am not running for mayor for personal gain. If elected, I will support economic development for Springhill and make careful decisions about how your money is spent. If you have any question or would like a yard sign to show that you support my effort, please call or text me at 318-423-2293. I hope you choose to trust me with your vote on November 8th.

Ronnie Hearnsberger

Candidate for Mayor

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