Glenbrook defeats Cedar Creek 12-6

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

The Glenbrook Varsity Football Team completed their first 4-quarter matchup Thursday, September 1 at Apache Stadium in Minden. The mighty Apaches faced the Cedar Creek Cougars, and both teams put up a strong fight. In an interview following the Apache win, Glenbrook Head Football Coach David Feaster explained that “the Cougars did what they showed on film, but played harder than expected.” He also added that “[the Cougars] did things well–they pressured the quarterback and covered us well.” 

As a result of the coin toss, the Apaches were forced to kick the football, leading to the Cougars claiming the ball at the 46 yard line. The Cougars drove the ball hard to their own 1 yard line, but the Apaches had a plan to keep Cedar Creek from scoring. The Apache Defense showed their strength by making a huge defense stop and gaining the ball back. Despite DJ Carter’s 22 yard carry, Cedar Creek retook the football, and moved it to their 15 yard line.

“The defense overall showed power and strength when they drove the ball down to the goal line,” Coach Feaster said.

By the end of the first quarter, neither the Apaches nor Cougars were able to score.

At the top of the second quarter, the Cougars resumed their play and attempted to run the football up the middle, but Hayden Harmon was there to make a huge stop. During Cedar Creek’s fourth down, a long pass was attempted to put the Cougars into scoring position, but the ball was deflected by Maddox Mandino. After the turnover, Ty Feaster passed the ball to Carter, earning an Apache first down.

Coach Feaster named Carter as the standout of the night as a result of how well he ran the ball.

“Carter was running the hardest he had ever run in the five years that he has been handed the ball on the football team,” Coach Feaster said. Turner McLelland weaved through the Cedar Creek defenders, carrying the football to the Apache 18 yard line. Feaster was chased down by Cougar defenders, but managed to get a Hail Mary pass to Carter, who caught the ball just shy of the endzone. Feaster scored the first touchdown with 6:50 left in the second quarter. As the Cougars tried to gather their offense, Jackson Waller and Luke Vining played integral roles in eventually turning the ball over. Landry Powell and Tre Kent fought to move the ball to the scoring position before halftime, but the Apaches were unable to score again. The last few plays of the first half showed a strong Apache Defense that was led by Powell and Dayton Sims to force a Cougar turnover, but the Apaches ran out of time.

At the start of the third quarter Cedar Creek attempted to rally their offense, but they were unsuccessful due to a host of Apache defenders led by Harmon, Maddox Mandino and Rhett Johnson.

Coach Feaster complimented the Apache defenders and deemed the turning point of the game and most memorable play of the night to be “when Cedar Creek was driving the ball, and we hit them, which caused the Cougars to fumble.”

At the conclusion of the third quarter, the score was 6-0. After several defensive stops by Sims and Seth Mangrum, the Cougars threw a long pass into the endzone, scoring with 9:47 left in the fourth quarter, tying the game at 6-6. At the 6 minute mark, the Apaches were on the 15 yard line, where Feaster completed a pass to Cason Clemons, who was stopped just short of the goal line. Mandino scored the final touchdown of the game in the last half of the fourth quarter. The Cougars had one last chance to tie the game, but Mandino intercepted the ball, which led to the Apache win. 

The Apaches have started their season with a win with a final score, Glenbrook-12, Cedar Creek-6. The Glenbrook Apaches showed great athleticism and determination to defeat a very strong Cedar Creek team on Thursday. Glenbrook is looking forward to their next opponent and will travel to Bossier High School to face the Bearkats next Friday night at 7 p.m.

Photo by Emily Glasscock

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