The weather was hot, but the cars were hotter 

By Paige Nash

This past Saturday, car enthusiasts traveled from near and far to Downtown Minden to check out the 14th Annual Vintage Car Club Show and Shine. The event provided locals and visitors with an opportunity to enter their cars, trucks and bikes into multiple categories. These categories included, Best in Show, Furthest Traveled and People’s Choice.  

Along with the adults, the kids had an opportunity to show off their rides as well this year. Followed by entertainment provided by a live DJ, a hula hoop competition, a dance-off, numerous food trucks and raffles. 

An award’s ceremony wrapped up the afternoon where tons of trophies were distributed to participants, young and old.  

Proceeds raised by the Vintage Car Club of Minden will go towards awarding scholarships to local, deserving high school seniors and for sponsoring youth sports leagues. A percentage of the money raised will also be donated to the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the United Christian Assistance Program and other organizations over the year.  

The following is a complete list of this year’s winners in each category: 

Antique 1900 – 1925 Original: Phillip McGee 1934 Tudor 

Antique 1900 – 1925 Modified: Richard Bass 1923 Ford  

Antique 1926 – 1959 Modified: 

First Place – Ken Pullen 

      Second Place – Ivory Bradford 

      Third Place – Bill Pague 

Sport & Muscle 1960-1975: 

First Place – Charlotte Cornelius w/1957 Chevy Belair 

      Second Place – Larry & Gay Morgan w/1971 Chevy Chevelle 

      Third Place – Jim Frazier w/1960 Chevy Impala SS 

Sport & Muscle 1976 – 1985:  

First Place – Josh Simmons w/1981 Chevy 

      Second Place – Jimmy Hall w/1978 Chevy Camaro 

      Third Place – Vincent Chevalier w/1978 Chevy Camaro 

Sport & Muscle 2011- Present: Christopher Hill w/2011 Chevy Camaro 

Corvette Class C2 1963 – 1967: Dudley Beene   1966 Corvette 

Corvette Class C3 1968 – 1982: 

First Place – Les Sadler w/1978 Corvette  

      Second Place – Sean & Crystal Doyle w/1978 Corvette 

      Third Place – Sherry Kasper w/1982 Corvette 

Corvette Class C4 1984 – 1996: 

First Place – Douglas Dove w/1996 Corvette 
Second Place – D. Wilkes w/1994 Corvette 

Third Place – Roy Scoggins w/1995 Corvette 

Corvette Class C5 1997 – 2004: 

 First Place – Brayden Kendrick w/2003 Corvette 

      Second Place – Brian Wescott w/2002 Corvette 

      Third Place – Ricky Lennard w/2002Corvette  

Corvette Class C6 2005 – 2010: 

First Place – LJ Gipson w/2009 Corvette 

      Second Place – Audra Salter w/2009 Corvette 

      Third Place – Wardell Clayton w/2009 Corvette 

Corvette Class C7 2011 – 2014: 

First Place – John Guidry w/2014 Corvette 

      Second Place – Frank Barnes 2014 Corvette 

      Third Place – Robert Shaw w/2014 Corvette  

Corvette Class S7 2015 – Present: 

First Place – Chris Gardner w/2021Corvette  

      Second Place – Todd Scroggins w/2019 Z06 

      Third Place – Charlie & Cheryl White w/2019 Z06 

Mustang Class M1 1964.5 – 1967: 

First Place – Fred Brown w/1965 Mustang 

Second Place – Phillip White w/1966 Mustang 

Mustang Class M8 2005 – 2009: 

First Place – Melvin Martin w/2009 Mustang 

Second Place – Billy Jackson w/2007 Mustang 

MOPAR Class Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth 1962 – 1978: Nathan Watts w/Super Bee 

Import & Misc. Class Cars -all years import and misc. Make & model: 

First Place – Aaron Wilson w/1997 Porsche 

Second Place – Harvey Major w/2017 Jaguar XE 

  Third Place – Kristen Robertson w/1969 Datsun 2000 

Domestic Class (original & slightly modified):  

First Place – Benny Bell w/1974 Buick LeSabre 

Second Place – Thomas Gayer w/1997 Lincoln TownCar 

  Third Place – Jim Berry w/2014 Chevy SSR 

Street Rod Class Heavy customized cars, chopped, etc: Jessie Albright w/1922 T-Bucket 

T1 Truck Class Any year truck: 

First Place – Scott Miller w/1970 Ford Bronco 

   Second Place – Daniel Williams w/1940 Chevy 

Third Place – Rodney Festervan w/1977 Ford 

T2 Truck Class any year truck: 

First Place – Charles Ledbetter w/1953 Ford  

  Second Place – Jeffery Peavy w/1949 GMC 

  Third Place – Mike Hobson w/1948 Chevy 

Jeep Class any year Jeep: Nashia Gipson 

MC1 Motorcycle Class Harley Davidson any make or year with changes to engines frame, front end, change from full to mild: Shelly Francis w/2007 Harley Ultra 

MC3 Motorcycle Class Shadow: 

First Place – Farris Baughman 

Second Place – Farris Baughman 

Third Place – Farris Baughman 

OR Off-road Class any year/make: David Glasscock w/FS 40 Land Cruiser 
Best of Show: Vincent Chevalier – 1978 Chevy Camaro 

People’s Choice: Charles Ledbetter – 1953 Ford Truck 

Youngest Participant: Ryan Kendrick – 2007 Nissan 350Z 

Participant that traveled the farthest: Jay Fowler 

Oldest Car Lover: Farris Baughman

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