Vision for Miller Quarters

By Paige Nash

If you have visited or passed by the Miller Quarters property in the last few weeks, you have noticed a huge clean-up by Tiger Hunting Lease Services, LLC. The Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Commission approved an amount up to $30,000 to be spent on the land clearing, tree trimming and maintenance efforts. These clean-up funds are still coming out of the reserve account, which is made up of visitor enterprise funds and revenue from local hotel/motel occupancy tax.  

This $30,000 will be added to the year-to-date amount of $467,862.98 that has been spent toward Miller Quarters thus far. These funds have been used from beginning toward the appraisal and the purchase, maintenance, the grand opening event and utilities.  

A few commissioners made comments that they have received comments from residents expressing their excitement about the future of the property since noticing the major difference after clearing the property to prepare it for the next steps.  

“By cleaning it up, it’s allowing people to see what we saw and it’s also showing its value. The community needed to see what we were looking at,” said commissioner Nick Cox.  

Commissioner Tracy Campell said, “If they are excited now just about some land being cleared, they are going to be real excited when they see the end result.” 

The WPCVC will be meeting next month to further discuss a visionary plan and to share ideas on the future of Miller Quarters. Ironing out those details will lead to a more solidified plan, but as of now the consensus from the board will be something similar to the Natchitoches Riverbank or Kiroli Park located in Monroe.  

These plans could include a stage, pavilions, restrooms, walking trails and transforming the building that is still standing on the property into a museum or exhibition that will be used to share the history of the land and families that once lived there.  

“I know people want to be involved and are curious to know what we’ve got planned, but it’s just taking some time to get all of that lined out. I even have to remind myself to be patient at times,” said Serena Gray, WPCVC Executive Director. “I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and someone shared this African Proverb that has stuck with me, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ I could probably get this project done pretty quickly if I did it on my own but having the board and community’s input is what will make this project leave a lasting legacy in our city, and I much prefer that.”

The space will not only host many events for organizations, but residents will also be able to reserve the space for reunions, parties, fundraisers, etc. Details on how to reserve this space will be made available soon.  

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