Letter to the Editor: Oppose Sen. Dick Durbin’s bill

Dear Editor,

 As a small businessman and a taxpayer, I’m always concerned about the government and big businesses’ attempts to line their own pockets by passing off costs to the average consumer. If you watch the political circus in Washington for any length of time, you’ll quickly see that big megacorporations work hand in glove with some of the top lawmakers.

 Whether it’s Biden working with Mark Zuckerberg to stifle free speech online or Pelosi using her insider connections to make millions trading stocks, it’s clear that the party in power has no problems tipping the scales in favor of themselves and their cronies.

 That’s why when I read this article on Fox News today, I felt compelled to share it with like minded readers.

 In the article, the writer states This summer, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., a staunch progressive and fierce defender of the Biden administration, introduced a bill that would hurt American consumers, change the way Americans use their credit cards, and put money into the pockets of big companies like Amazon and Walmart. It is also a blatant attempt by Durbin to shift blame for inflation away from the Democrats and the Biden administration and onto American job creators.”

I looked into the bill that Sen. Durbin is pushing and found that it was blatantly anti-free market. It’s basically price controls on the payment processing industry. Price controls are never a good idea – especially in a country founded on the principle of free trade and commerce.

 As a small business owner, I know that every dollar counts. We cannot let the government set prices that make it impossible for small businesses to compete with the big boys like Amazon and Walmart. We need a level playing field – not a system set up for Durbin and the Dems donors!

I ask that we all encourage our Louisiana lawmakers to oppose Dick Durbin and his bad credit card bill!

Thank you,

Shayne Benedetto

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