Apaches beat Redskins; keep win streak alive

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

Glenbrook Apaches traveled to Ringgold Friday to take on the Ringgold High School Redskins and kept their win streak alive 48-15. Each Apache football player, ranging from eighth graders to seniors, played with all his might so that Glenbrook could increase their season status to 7-0. The Glenbrook Apaches have recently been announced as having the longest consecutive winning streak of all Louisiana High School Athletic Association Schools and as a result of the game tonight, the Apaches extended their consecutive wins to 13. 

The Apache, Redskin matchup began as Maddox Mandino, Hayden Harmon, Cason Clemons, and Luke Vining led the Apaches in the coin toss. The Redskins began the night kicking off as Apache, Jackson Waller received the ball, leading to DJ Carter completing the pass from Ty Feaster to score the first touchdown of the night, only 0:20 into the game. The extra point, made by Feaster, put 7 points on the board for the Apaches. 

Following the forced Redskin punt as a result of defensive tackles by Harmon and Rhett Johnson, several passes were made to Seth Mangrum and Toby Haulmark for a first down.  Feaster connected a long pass to Mangrum for another Apache touchdown. The successful point by Feaster adjusted the score to 14-0 with the Apaches in the lead.

The Apaches took over the football and scored yet another touchdown with 2:55 left in the first quarter. Haulmark brought the ball to the end zone, which put the Apaches in a 20 point lead over Ringgold. Coach Feaster included in a post-game interview that, “The Apaches were able to throw the ball a lot, while allowing many different guys to handle the ball.”

Following the touchdown, Connor Williams made a hard stop, which ultimately forced the Redskins to punt. The Apaches recovered the football, leading to Feaster clearing the pass to Clemons, who scored a touchdown to conclude the first quarter. The final score at the end of the quarter was 27-0.

To start the second quarter, Trey Yetman recovered a Redskin fumble, leading to the Apaches taking over at the Redskin 6 yard line. Feaster found an opening to Chase Sentell who scored the first touchdown of the quarter only less than 1:30 into the section. The successful extra point increased the Apaches’ score to 34-0.

The Apache defense took the field with multiple strong defensive stops by Johnson, Mangrum, Yetman, and a quarterback sack by Preston Pope. Waller intercepted a Redskin pass and scored a touchdown to conclude the first half. The score going into halftime was increased to 41-0 as a result of the strong Apache efforts.

To begin the second half, the sub-varsity teams, which Coach Feaster complemented for their perseverance and strength, took the field. After Ringgold scored a touchdown and 2-point conversion, the Redskins attempted an onside kick, but it was recovered by Apache, Hunter Bell. The recovery resulted in Mandino stepping into the quarterback position, where he made several good passes, but ultimately the pass to Williams was most successful and resulted in the Apaches scoring a touchdown and extra point with 0:18 left in the third quarter.

At the beginning of the final quarter, Hudson Glasscock, Aiden Rose, Naci Morales, Noah Cox, and Tristan Maus made strong tackles to hold off the Redskin offense. Coach Feaster strongly complemented the defensive players of all ages, stating, “They fought hard and pulled through to gain the yardage the Apaches needed.” Despite the Apache efforts, Ringgold broke through and scored one last time, leaving the final score as 48-15.

The Apaches fought consistently through all four quarters of the game, which contributed to their ultimate success. 

Next week, the Apaches plan to take on the Plain Dealing High School Lions at Plain Dealing at 7 p.m. Friday, October 21 for the Week 8 matchup. 

Photo by Emily Glasscock