Offense dominates in North Caddo win over Lakeside

By Josh Beavers

Lakeside scored 25 points in the first half of Friday night’s game against North Caddo. That’s a pretty good score for a full game much less for a pair of quarters. Still, the Warriors found themselves down by 21 when halftime rolled around. 

That’s just how impressive the Titan offense was in Sibley last night. North Caddo kept up the scoring in the second half as they improved to 5-2 on the year following a 68-25 win over the Warriors. 

The loss was the second in a row for Lakeside following four straight Warrior wins. They now have a 4-3 record. 

Despite the loss, several Warrior performers need to be recognized. 

Jordan Case excelled in the first half both running and catching the ball. He scored twice. 

Josh Sebald hauled in a 51 yard pass from Cooper Chase for a second quarter touchdown. 

And perhaps the play of the night on either side belonged to Tamarjah Ferrell who zigged and zagged all over the field on a 60 yard interception return with less than a minute left before half. He scored. 

I want to thank Jesse Lowe and our media partners KASO/KBEF radio for keeping me straight for this game. It takes a village to bring you the news and the Journal couldn’t have a better friend when it comes to community partnerships.