Glenbrook’s winning streak continues

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

On Friday, October 21, the Glenbrook Apaches added to their 13-0 winning streak carrying over from last football season. After a quick game, the Apaches defeated the Plain Dealing High School Lions 48-16. When referring to the injuries of the game, Head Coach David Feaster included in an interview, “It’s not just the matter of whether or not the injuries will hurt our chances of winning a game, but it’s more about our guys who are hurt and making sure they get better so that they can have a great football season,” showing his compassion and care for each player on the team.

Only 0:10 into the game, Tre Kent scored the first touchdown of the night while Ty Feaster kicked the first successful extra point. After the amazing start, Trey Yetman continued the excitement after he quickly recovered a fumble, leading to the Apaches taking over the ball on the Lion’s 47 yard line. Soon following, Feaster passed the ball to Turner McLelland, who scored a touchdown, adjusting the score to 14-0. As a result of Glenbrook’s strong defense, particularly because of stops by Hayden Harmon, Plain Dealing was forced to punt. After the Apaches recovered the football, McLelland successfully received the ball, scoring yet another touchdown for Glenbrook to make the score 21-0, just less than 6 minutes into the game. The Apaches quickly took over on defense as Maddox Mandino intercepted the ball. Soon after, Feaster handed off the ball to Cason Clemons for a touchdown, increasing the score to 28-0 with 5:17 left in the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Feaster completed a touchdown pass to Rhett Johnson, and Feaster later scored the extra point. The Apaches increased their lead to 35-0 as a result of the touchdown. With the switch to defense, hard tackles were made by Seth Mangrum, Harmon, Luke Vining, and Connor Williams. Jackson Waller followed the defensive plays with an interception for the Apaches just as the second half ended. Coach Feaster complemented the team’s strength on both offense and defense by including, “we kept them from scoring, while also scoring at will, we just did what we always do.”  

After half-time, the Apaches began on defense, where Yetman, Daivari Jackson, and Jonathon Bryant made strong tackles, with Bryant also getting a quarterback sack. The Lions were soon forced to punt, and the Apache Offense again took the field. After several plays that moved the chains down the field, Feaster passed the ball to Chase Sentell for a touchdown with 6:12 left in the third quarter adjusting the score to 42-0. As the Apaches switched to defense, Hunter Bell, Preston Pope, Aiden Rose, Gage White and Nolan Still continued the Apache defensive momentum by making tackles. The Lions eventually broke through and scored their first touchdown of the night and added a 2 point conversion making the score 48-8 to end the third quarter.

Ryan Reagan gained an Apache first down as a result of his 32 yard drive. Reagan then stepped in as the quarterback and passed the ball to Connor Williams. Williams had an impressive run by spinning and dodging defenders that ultimately resulted in the last Apache touchdown of the night, bringing the score to 48-8. To follow the touchdown, Still and Bolton each made hard defensive tackles. In the last few seconds of the game, Plain Dealing was able to score once again and added another 2 point conversation, making the final score 48-16. 

The Apaches played hard this week and worked to improve on their skills, which Coach Feaster mentioned will help as they face the Homer High School Pelicans. The undefeated Apaches will face the defending state champions in the biggest game of the season at Glenbrook at 7 p.m. October 28. 

Photo by Emily Glasscock