Glenbrook beats rival River Oaks 46-14, finishes season 10-0

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

On Friday, November 4, the Glenbrook Apache Football team took the field for the last game of the regular season. The Apaches played strong throughout the entire game to honor the Class of 2023 for Senior Night. The River Oaks Mustangs played hard, but were no match for the Apaches. The 46-14 win over the Mustangs was a special one because of the MAIS rivalry between both schools. As a result of the determination of each coach and athlete, the Apaches finished the season with an undefeated record of 10-0, and their extension of the current longest LHSAA winning streak of 16 consecutive wins. 

To begin the matchup, the 11 senior football players took the field as the team captains of the night. As a result of the coin toss, the Apaches led the kick off, which resulted in a host of Glenbrook defenders, led by Landry Powell, stopping the ball on the 20 yard line. The Mustangs were forced to punt the ball, leading to the Apache Offense taking over. Ty Feaster then completed passes to Cason Clemons and Maddox Mandino, who each earned 1st downs for the Apaches. On Glenbrook’s next attempt, Feaster chose to hand the ball to Mandino, who found his way to the end zone for the first touchdown of the night. Feaster followed the touchdown with a successful kick, resulting in the Apaches leading over the Mustangs, 7-0 with 8:11 left in the 1st quarter. As the Apache defenders took the field, Powell, Dayton Sims, Rhett Johnson, and Daivari Jackson each made strong tackles against the Mustangs while Tre Kent deflected River Oaks’ pass. The Mustangs were once again forced to punt, leading to Glenbrook’s offense taking over. Feaster handed off the football to DJ Carter, who scored a touchdown for the Apaches. Feaster once again kicked a successful extra point, leading to the Apaches increasing their lead to 14-0 with 3:02 left in the first quarter. Johnson and Powell, who caused an incomplete pass for the Mustangs, continued to lead the Apaches’ defense. After a forced punt for River Oaks, Feaster completed a pass to Clemons, who pushed the ball towards the end zone. After the yardage gain, McLelland received the ball from Feaster and scored for the Apaches. With 1:25 left in the quarter, the Apaches lead the game 21-0. To conclude the first quarter, Johnson, Powell, and Seth Mangrum each covered their ground and made successful tackles as Kent once gain deflected a pass. 

The Apaches started strong in the second quarter as Spencer Brantley and Carter shut down a fake punt. Soon after regaining possession of the ball, Feaster completed a pass to Johnson, who scored a Glenbrook touchdown. Although the extra point was not successful, the Apaches increased their score to 27-0. After the Mustangs took over on their 32 yard line, Dustin Clanton and Chase Sentell seized the opportunity to make important tackles. The Apache Offense then took the field after Johnson, Mandino, and Powell made huge tackles. With the ball on their 43 yard line, Feaster completed passes to Carter and Clemons, who scored yet another touchdown for the Apaches. The Apaches increased their score to 34-0 with 7:10 left in the second quarter. Glenbrook’s defense came out even stronger after the touchdown as a result of huge tackles made by Jonathon Bryant, Powell, and Johnson, which caused the Mustangs to lose the ball. At the start of halftime, the Apaches lead the Mustangs 34-0. 

The third quarter began with a kick off by the Mustangs as the Apaches took over on offense. Sentell returned the opening kick and ran it to the end zone for a Glenbrook touchdown. Only 0:20 into the quarter, Glenbrook had increased their score to 40-0. The younger Apaches then took the field on defense and did not disappoint. Strong tackles were made by Nolan Still, Hudson Glasscock, and Noah Cox, but the Mustangs broke through to score a touchdown and extra point, thus concluding the third quarter.

At the beginning of the final quarter, Ryan Reagan stepped into the quarterback position, where he passed the ball to Connor Williams, who scored a touchdown for the Apaches. Glenbrook still managed to lead River Oaks 46-7. After the touchdown, the 11 senior football players took the field together. Coach Feaster included, “The leadership of these senior football players is one of the main reasons why we have made it this far.” The players received a standing ovation as they walked to the sidelines for the last time during the regular season. To conclude the game, Reagan, Still, Clanton, Williams, and Naci Morales made hard tackles. The Mustangs managed to score, adjusting the final score of the game to 46-14. 

The Apaches never stopped working, which is the reason why they have been named undefeated District Champions. The Apaches await the conclusion of LHSAA games to see when they will be playing next in the 2022-23 Louisiana High School Athletic Association Football Playoffs. According to Coach Feaster, the Apaches will continue to prepare themselves for the upcoming matchups even though it is not for sure which team the Apaches will be taking on. Congratulations to this special team on earning a perfect 10-0 regular season, and we look forward to the upcoming playoff matchups. No matter whom the Apaches face, they have proven they are here, ready to play, and will continue to make the Apache nation proud. 

Photo by Emily Glasscock