Calls for service, juvie crime numbers are large percentage of arrests

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Over the past several months, at the request of the Minden City Council, Chief Steve Cropper has begun breaking down crime into city districts during his monthly report.

Cropper told the council in regular session Monday that his department logged more than 800 calls for service in September.

“Calls for service can include but not be limited to crimes, traffic control calls and stops, animal control,” said the chief. “But calls for service reports are not generated every time there is a call to the police department – only when an officer interacts with the public.”

Broken down into districts, the calls for service numbers look like this:

District A – 132, B – 209, C – 120, D – 50 and E – 118. There were 6 prisoner transports outside of jurisdiction.

Total incidents during the month totaled 148.

District A – 29, B – 39, C – 39, D – 10 and E – 28. There were 3 out of jurisdiction.

There were a total of 81 arrests.

District A – 7, B – 22, C – 14, D – 2 and E – 19, with 1 out of jurisdiction.

“We also had 6 arrests at the PD, where people turned themselves in for warrants,” Cropper said. 

Possibly the most interesting numbers center around juvenile crime.

Of the 81 September arrests, Cropper said 19 were juveniles. That’s around 23 percent.

“Several of those juveniles were charged with multiple crimes,” he said. “They were breaking into vehicles.”

Of those 19, the chief said 7 were arrested after 11 p.m.

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