Lions learn about Pickleball

Kelli Morgan and John Collins

The Minden Lions wish to thank Kelli Morgan for telling us all about pickleball at Thursday’s club meeting. Pickleball is a sport at the intersection of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It’s played with a modified tennis net on a badminton court, and gameplay lightly resembles tennis. This fast-growing sport has become a big hit at Pine Hills Country Club. 

Kelli talked about how old, worn-out tennis courts at the country club were revamped into six beautiful pickleball courts. She presented drone footage from Parish Design Co. which chronicled the progress, and she thanked the local sponsors who helped make the dream a reality. 

Minden Lions also appreciate Stacey Burt, Jamie Lewis, Janet Crawford and Andy Pendergrass for providing a live pickleball demo for the club. 

Kelli was invited and introduced Thursday by Lion John Collins.

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