Dixie Inn alderman is happy to serve

By Tina Montgomery

A Dixie Inn Alderman candidate, who intended to drop out of the race, had a change of heart and received more votes than her opponent.

“I feel great about the election as I have been an alderman in Dixie Inn before,” newly-elected Alderman Nell Finlay said. “I see a great future for Dixie Inn. I will do my part to help Mayor Donna Hoffoss. I have worked with her before and love her. She’s very capable.”

Finlay received 32 votes in an overwhelming majority against opponent Anthony Crittenden’s 7 votes. The Board of Aldermen has had a vacant seat since Hoffoss became mayor in May of this year following the resignation of mayor Kay Hallmark-Stratton. 

Finlay had been tapped to fill the vacancy but approval before the board did not occur before election qualifying in July. When Crittenden qualified to run against Finlay, the vacant seat then had to be determined by the voters. A few weeks after qualification, Finlay told the Webster Parish Journal she had decided not to run but never sent her withdrawal request to the Secretary of State’s office.

Regarding Finlay’s change of heart and subsequent election Hoffoss said, “Yes, I am so happy to be working with her again. She will round out our board with her ideas.”

Finlay will take her seat on the board in January 2023.