LDWF: Tag, you’re it

LDWF reminds hunters that they can tag and validate their deer or turkey harvest directly from their smartphone (via text or website) immediately after the animal is harvested.

Log into your account at LouisianaOutdoors.com and select E-tag/Text-to-Tag to enroll. Then follow the steps below to tag and validate your harvest via your smartphone.

As long as you complete the electronic tag before moving the animal, you do not have to attach a physical tag. You must have a physical copy or picture of your harvest tags on your smartphone to use this feature.

To see step-by-step instructions and detailed instructional videos on how to properly tag and validate electronically, visit https://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/page/electronic-tags

If there is no cellular signal, hunters can still use traditional paper tags and validate them via phone (225-267-9998) or online within 72 hours of harvest. If you’re using paper tags, we recommend using snack-size zip-top bags and zip ties to secure the paper tag onto the animal or attaching the paper tag to the animal and then cover the tag in packing tape.

For hunters using paper tags, LDWF has a new harvest reporting phone number (above). The 844 number is no longer in service.