Apaches lose heartbreaker 28-27 in playoff game

All photos by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

The Glenbrook Apaches faced the Ouachita Christian School Eagles in Monroe for the Quarter-Finals of the LHSAA Playoffs on Friday, November 25. The Apaches put up a strong fight against the Eagles but came just short of advancing to the next round. Glenbrook finished their season 11-1 in a heartbreaking end to their Cinderella season with a 27-28 loss to the Eagles.

Toby Haulmark, Hayden Harmon, and Rhett Johnson represented the Apaches as the team captains for the coin toss, which OCS won. The Apaches chose to receive the ball after the Eagles deferred their choice to the 2nd half. Ty Feaster made passes to DJ Carter and Chase Sentell before OCS received a penalty, which put the Apaches within scoring position. Maddox Mandino caught Feaster’s pass, but did not make it past the 12 yard line. The Apaches followed up the play with a penalty that moved them back to the 33 yard line. Glenbrook still fought to move the ball down the field, but Ouachita Christian intercepted Feaster’s pass in the end zone, which led to the Eagles taking over on their own 20 yard line. The Apaches caused a quick 4th down and punt from the Eagles. The Apache ball was turned over once again as Glenbrook was forced to punt, leading to OCS taking over on their 48 yard line. Mandino made a huge stop as the Eagles moved the ball to their 36 yard line. Ouachita Christian pushed past the Apache defenders for a touchdown and extra point with 1:41 left in the 1st quarter. To start on offense, the Apaches recovered the Eagle’s short kick, taking over on their 42 yard line. Feaster completed a pass to Turner McLelland but was soon forced to punt as the quarter was ending.

The Apaches started on defense as they tried to keep the Eagles from adding to their 7-0 lead. Mandino once again made a huge stop as Ouachita Christian was forced to punt again. The Apaches’ luck was the same as they were forced to punt once again after only 1 complete pass to Carter. As the Apaches took over on defense, the Eagles moved into scoring position. Johnson made huge tackles against OCS while Dayton Sims deflected a pass in the end zone, but Ouachita Christian still pushed through and scored another touchdown with 8:31 remaining in the half. With the Apaches trailing 14-0, Mandino made a great kick return all the way to the 50 yard line. Feaster successfully passed the ball to Mandino for a first down, which led to the Apaches pushing the ball to the 12 yard line, but the ball was soon turned over. Mandino, Johnson, Garrett Brown, Hayden Harmon, and Landry Powell made hard tackles as Johnson also made a huge stop, which led to the Eagles turning over on downs. The Apache Offense took to the field as Feaster completed a long pass to Powell, who made an incredible catch. Feaster and McLelland each gained 1st downs, but the Apaches turned over on the 4 yard line. Before the half, Powell made huge defensive plays as well.

With a score of 14-0 going into the 3rd quarter, the Apaches fought hard to turn things around. The Apache defense started off the 2nd half, where Johnson made more successful tackles and Tre Kent deflected a powerful pass. Glenbrook’s strong defense forced the Eagles to turnover on downs. After Feaster made multiple successful passes to his teammates, he once again connected with Turner to score the first Apache touchdown of the night. Feaster kicked a successful extra point for the Apaches, adjusting the score to 14-7 with 6:54 left in the 3rd quarter. The Apaches then chose to onside kick, which McLelland recovered. McLelland’s momentum continued as he moved the ball to the Eagles’ 10 yard line. After several complete passes to Clemons and Johnson to move the ball closer, the ball was handed to Mandino, who dove into the end zone. Feaster tied up the game at 14-14 with his successful extra kick. With 4:48 left in the game, McLelland recovered yet another Apache onside kick. The ball was set at the Eagle 33 yard line. Sentell ran the ball for an Apache 1st down and soon recovered a fumble, but the Apaches were pushed too far back. Glenbrook attempted a punt, but it was blocked by the Eagles, who quickly recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone, taking the lead once again over the Apaches with 2:03 remaining in the quarter. Their lead was increased to 21-14 after their successful extra point kick. The Apaches took over on the Eagle 38 yard line, where Feaster made one successful pass to Mandino before the Apaches were forced to punt. To conclude the 3rd quarter, Mason Farnell represented the Apache defense with a strong quarterback sack.

The 4th quarter began with defensive stops by Harmon, Brown, and Carter and interception by Clemons. Feaster made 4 complete passes, one of which to Mandino, who broke multiple tackles while racing down the field. The Apaches were set up on the 6 yard line as the Apache ball was fumbled and recovered by the Eagles. Ouachita Christian ran the ball for a 94 yard touchdown with 7:00 remaining in the game. After the successful extra point, the Apaches were down 28-14. Glenbrook pushed forward as Feaster passed the ball to Sentell who scored a touchdown for the Apaches with 5:48 remaining. Feaster’s extra point changed the score to 28-21. As Johnson made another huge stop, Carter deflected a pass on 4th down. The Apaches regained possession of the ball with 2:33 left in the game. Feaster completed multiple passes, one of which to McLelland who bolted into the end zone for a touchdown. Now down 28-27, Glenbrook elected to go for the 2-point conversion to win by 1, but it was no good.

The 2022 Football Season was nothing short of an exciting one and will be remembered for many years to come. Throughout the regular and postseason, the Apaches scored an amazing total of 491 points over the 181 points that their combined opponents scored. Though the season ended sooner than many hoped, the Apaches fought hard to the end. Congratulations to all the players, coaches, and staff and a tremendous season. Even though we didn’t finish as hoped, it’s still a GREAT day to be an Apache.

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