Mayor-Elect ready to take city reins

By Bonnie Culverhouse

When Mayor-Elect Nick Cox takes the oath of office December 29, things will change for him, as well as the City of Minden. But he’s doing everything possible now to get ready to lead.

“I go to city hall every day,” he said. “(Interim Mayor) Tommy (Davis) has been a lot of help.”

Cox said he has met most of the employees and talked with them about about their jobs. He’s also catching up on issues that he will inherit when he walks in city hall’s doors as mayor January 1.

“Some of them I don’t know about yet … some of them I can’t talk about until I know more,” he said.

Cox said he has short and long term goals for the city, and they are different.

“We’re talking needs versus wants,” he said. “But I do know one thing. The most important thing for Minden right now is stability.”

The mayor-elect said it is no secret his best friend is Kyle Robertson, son of the late Mayor Bill Robertson and his wife, Barbara. He said he spent his youth at the Robertson’s house.

“I didn’t come from a political family,” he pointed out, saying the first office he ran for was Webster Parish Police Juror, which he won. “Bill was a mentor to me. I watched what he would do, and I was very interested that he was the mayor.”

Like Cox, Robertson was on the Webster Parish Police Jury before becoming mayor.

“When I was elected to the jury, I would think about what Bill would do under certain circumstances,” Cox said.

Cox said Robertson helped him in his life battles and was a huge influence.

“You can’t tell my story without them being in it,” he said.

Robertson died in 2013, and his funeral left an indelible mark on Cox.

“People were talking about the things he did that were so impactful,” Cox said. “I left that funeral with a different outlook on political service. He (Robertson) made his life count.”

After Mayor Robertson died, his widow Barbara – who also died recently –  filled the role of mentor with advice from her years as being married to one who was in politics.

On January 1, Cox will resign his position on the police jury. When he does, it will automatically remove him from some of the boards and commissions where he serves now.

“I will be off the library board and the Police Jury executive board for region 8,” he said. “I am resigning from the tourism board, too.”

He has been working for some time to acclimate his wife and employees to run his Dixie Inn-based cabinetry business, so he can spend his time working for the citizens of Minden.

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