2 Webster Parish Police Jurors resign from office

By Paige Nash

Minden Mayor Elect Nick Cox announced that the Webster Parish Police Jury’s December meeting would be his last meeting. Cox will be taking his oath of office for Mayor after the first of the year.  

“My wife asked me this morning if I was sad about it and I said, ‘Yes, I am,’ but I am also okay with it in the sense that when I look out in the room, I see so many good leaders that we have and all the different things that we are involved with,” Cox said. “We have a lot of strong leaders, so I feel really good about where we are across the community. I am very proud of the time I have spent on the police jury for the last seven years. It has just been an extremely good experience for me. In my opinion, from dealing with different things our police jury in Webster Parish is one of the finest run governments in Louisiana.” 

Ed Jordan, Juror for District #12 also announced that January 6 will be his last day to serve.  

“I have accepted a job in South Louisiana pastoring a church down there and I will be moving out of my district.” he said. 

The jury will be considering temporary appointments to fill these openings on the board until the election to take place next year.  

The Webster Parish Police Jury also held a public hearing before their monthly meeting yesterday, with no concerns coming forward from the public, the jury passed the proposed budget unanimously.  

The budget equaled out at $20,771,033 with taxes, licensing, permits, intergovernmental revenue, fines, forfeitures, services and the Webster Parish Libraries making up the majority of the revenue stream. The budget is balanced out with expenditures in judicial, legislative, elections, administration, public works, public safety and library debt servicing.  

To wrap of the regular session of the meeting, the board approved a list of appointments which included: 

  • Doyline Water Works District #1: Beth Walker to a 3-year term. 

  • Webster Parish Library Board of Control: reappointing Charlotte Dean to a 5-year contract. 

  • Webster Parish Communications District, E911: Laura Perryman to replace Chris McGarity for a 4-year term. 

  • Dixie Inn Fire Protection District #7: reappointing Mickey Chandler to a 2-year term. 

  • McIntyre Water Works District: reappointing Charles Purdy, Eddie Pitman, Barry Knotts, Rick Hammett and Betty Purdy to a 3-year term.  

  • Director of the Webster Parish Police Jury Office of Community Services: for 2023 with authorization to sign documents on behalf of the organization. 

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