Christmas party ends in shootings

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A party turned shoot-out made December 25 a not-so-silent night.

Three subjects were shot and three others arrested following an event on Pearl Street that moved from inside the venue to the middle of the street around midnight. There were approximately 100 attendees, according to officials.

Minden Police Chief Elect Jared McIver said the three men arrested were connected to the party but not the actual shooters.

“We have some good leads on the shooters, and there are more arrests pending,” McIver said. “The ones arrested were on warrants based off the shooting.”

Nicholas Lebob Aaron Vantrez, Jones, 34, of the 200 block of Azalea Street, Minden, and Tyquan Trevor Edwards, 22, of the 800 block of Harris Street, Minden, are charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Anterio McClendon, 22, of the 500 block of Theus Street, Minden, was the only party attendee of the three. He is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and illegal carrying of a weapon.

McIver said Lt. Spencer Tippen responded to Minden Medical Center just after midnight in reference to 2 gunshot victims. Det. Shane Griffith, Det. Keith King Jr. and Sgt. Shawn Griffith were called out to assist.

“The victims told Det. Griffith they were attending a party on Pearl Street when a fight broke out,” McIver said. “During the fight, shots were fired. The two fled on foot and were shot in the legs. Both also tested positive for gunshot residue.”

The third victim was reportedly taken to Bienville Medical Center by private vehicle and transferred to Ocshner’s LSU Health Center in Shreveport.

Because one of the victims admitted to having a firearm in his vehicle, a warrant was obtained for the Theus Street address where the vehicle was located.

“McClendon was found in one of the bedrooms,” McIver said. “A search of the room revealed a lockbox containing 112.4 grams of marijuana.”

Also located were a set of digital scales, a .40 caliber Glock, a .40 caliber Taurus and a .22 handgun.

“McClendon admitted to possessing the marijuana and stated he removed the firearms from his brother’s vehicle,” McIver said. “He also said he and his brother had the firearms at the scene of the shooting.”

Jones and Edwards were also at the Theus Street residence.

“They were both convicted felons in possession of firearms,” said McIver. “That’s why they were arrested.”

Police reportedly seized 6 guns, the marijuana and more than $2,000 in cash. 

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.