Where was Crystal Lake?

By Jessica Gorman

While researching an unrelated topic, I ran across a 1926 advertisement for Crystal Lake Swimming Pool. It was described as a “large pool fed by numerous springs of pure and everlasting water.” In 1926, Crystal Lake was operated by J. L. Ward. In 1927, it was operated by Mrs. W.D. Brown who, according to an advertisement from that year, had made improvements at Crystal Lake. Bath houses, showers, and refreshments were available on site with “plenty of room for picnics and tourist camps.” No other mentions of Crystal Lake have been found.

According to these ads, Crystal Lake was located just south of Dixie Overland Highway (Highway 80) at Nine Forks. But where exactly was it? So far, I have been unable to find a land record that sheds any light on the question. I’m hoping that someone knows something about Crystal Lake and could help us to answer the question of where it was located. 

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(Jessica Gorman is the Assistant Director and Archivist for the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum in Minden and is an avid genealogist.)

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