Springhill Chamber spotlights McConnell & Slattery, APLC

Joan Green, Sandra Grillot, Debbie Cody, Mary Manuel, Laurie Slattery, Jessica Slattery, Presley Ann Slattery, Marguerite Slattery and Jason Wade.

Originally founded as McConnell & McConnell in 1977 by brothers, N.J. and Charles McConnell, a local, community law firm was created and has remained directly across from the Springhill Fire Department for the past 46 years. John B. Slattery, Jr. arrived in Springhill in 1982, and, soon thereafter became a partner and established McConnell & Slattery, APLC with then Judge Charles McConnell. The firm stood for the very best in work ethic, professionalism, and trustworthiness – a motto that still serves as the firm’s standard bearer to this day.

With the arrival of Marguerite Slattery in 2014 and her husband, Jason Wade in 2018, the next generation in McConnell & Slattery’s storied history was born. The law firm and community suffered a grave loss by the passing of the Hon. Charles E. McConnell in 2000 and Hon. John B. Slattery, Jr. in 2020; yet, their memories and legacies live on as our attorneys and staff continue to strive to honor their ideals, work ethic, and love of the Louisiana legal system that have always been the cornerstone of McConnell & Slattery. We are proud to say that our law firm has been a part of this community longer than any other. We truly value the Webster Parish community and strive to provide valuable legal assistance at reasonable rates for all. We are thankful for all of the support received in the last 46 years, and we look forward to the honor of serving and assisting you going forward. 

McConnell & Slattery is a civil practice that handles most civil areas of the law, including, but not limited to, successions, wills, living wills, powers of attorney, oil and gas matters, divorces, contracts, deeds, closings, title opinions, personal injury, custody, and more.


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