Police arrest man with history of domestic abuse

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A local man is in prison for critically injuring his girlfriend.

Brian Trumaine Fizer, 39, of the 900 block of Carolina St., Minden, was arrested by Minden Police and charged with domestic abuse battery with strangulation, aggravated second degree battery, false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon and as a fugitive from Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office for domestic abuse.

Chief Jared McIver said Off. Anthony Crittenden, Sgt. Jeremy Sitter and Det. Shane Griffith were arresting officers.

“Officer Crittenden and Sgt. Sitter were dispatched to Minden Medical Center to a domestic abuse victim, who initially showed up at the police station and spoke to an officer who advised her to go to the ER immediately,” McIver said. “Upon arrival, they made contact with the victim. Her eyes were swollen shut and she had extreme amounts of bruising on her face, neck and arms.”

McIver said the victim identified her boyfriend, Fizer, as the person who had caused her injuries.

The victim reportedly told officers the issues began around 2 a.m. Tuesday when an unknown male subject knocked on her apartment door.

“She said Fizer told her to open the door, but she did not know the subject and shut the door,” said the chief. “So Fizer accused her of being in a relationship with that subject and that’s when everything started.”

The victim reportedly claimed Fizer took her phone and then struck her with several blunt objects, including his fists. He allegedly continued beating her throughout the day, ending around 2 p.m.

“She said some of the objects she remembers he used were an end table, then the end table leg once it broke, a candle, gin bottle, bluetooth speaker, lamp and a dresser drawer,” McIver said. “She also confirmed he placed his hands around her neck and choked her until she lost consciousness.”

Once officers took note of the victim’s injuries, they contacted Det. Shane Griffith and requested his presence at the emergency room. Her injuries were consistent with her story.

“In my 20 years in law enforcement, this is one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,” Griffith said.

The victim wished to press charges and had a family member sign the report since she was unable to write at that point.

“Once warrants were signed by the judge, the apartment manager came to the PD and provided us with a key to their apartment,” said the chief. 

In addition to Crittenden and Sitter, Det. Griffith, Det. Bobby Morgan, Sgt. Chris Cayer, Lt. Keith King, Capt. Kirk Morgan and Lt. Brandon Curry served the warrants on Fizer.

“The officers used the key to unlock the door, announced themselves and located Fizer just inside the door. He was taken into custody without further incident,” the chief said.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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