Easom sets new state record for LHS Powerlifting team

By Paige Nash

The Lakeside Powerlifting team brought home the medals last week and earned a new state record after competing in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association/Louisiana High School Powerlifting Association State Championship. The meet was held at the Cajundome in Lafayette with the boys competing on Wednesday, March 22, while the girls wrapped things up on Thursday, March 23.   

“I am super proud of all of our lifters and how hard they worked, even the ones that didn’t qualify for state,” said LHS Powerlifting Coach Fabricia Roberson.  

Each lifter was placed into a weight class that aligned with the school’s division. LHS is currently a 2A school. The weight classes ranged from 97 pounds to 220+ pounds, also known as the super heavyweight division. The lifters must complete a squat, a bench-press and a deadlift. The total combined weight lifted is tallied together to equal their total weight lifted.  

LHS had 4 girls place at the state level.  

Senior Krystal Cornelious placed second in her weight class with a squat of 225 pounds, a bench-press of 135 pounds and a deadlift of 330 pounds, giving her a total of 690 pounds lifted.  

Freshman Ashlyn Ricketson placed third in her division with a squat of 260, a bench-press of 105 pounds and a deadlift of 255 with a total of 620 pounds lifted. 

Freshman Madison Miller placed second in her division with a squat of 260 pounds, a bench-press of 140 pounds and a deadlift of 330 pounds giving her a total of 730 pounds lifted.  

Senior Trinity Easom placed second in the 220+ division. She had a squat of 375 pounds, a bench-press of 260 and a deadlift of 355, giving her a total of 990 pounds lifted. Easom also broke a state record with her bench-press. The previous record of 215 pounds was set in 2021 by Kierra Talley from Port Allen High School.  

Lakeside’s team finished in sixth place in the overall standings with 19 points. 

For the boys’ team, Conner Wood placed ninth in his division. He squatted 375 pounds, bench-pressed 250 pounds, and deadlifted 465 giving him a total of 1090 pounds lifted.  

“I couldn’t be happier for the young ladies that placed in the top three at the State Meet, as well as our sole male lifter that placed ninth,” said Roberson. To see the program grow from one state qualifier last year to six qualifiers this year is definitely something to be proud of.” 

With the growing team Roberson added a few others to her coaching staff, including Coach Mike Santelices who has stepped up as the boys powerlifting coach. He is also the official bus driver. Adam Easom or “Coach E” as the team calls him, recently received his certification from the Webster Parish School Board to become a volunteer assistant. He assists with planning the team’s daily workouts. Coach Martin Cole has been referred to as the LHS Powerlifting team’s first and number one fan. Cole travels to every meet he can and if he cannot attend, he is constantly reaching out for updates. Meagan Easom, also known as the team mom, brings the kids breakfast, gives great pep talks, helps them settle their nerves, makes sure they are chalked up, knees wrapped and cheers them on every step of the way.  

Easom said, “Each member of the coaching staff as well as the team members strive to do their best and encourage each other along the way. Although powerlifting is an ‘individual’ sport it takes a team to make it happen and our team is pretty amazing.”