Three girls and a dog

My husband and I took the girls camping this past weekend at Lake Bistineau State Park. It is a favorite spot of ours because it is just close enough to our house that we can pop in and tend to the dogs or pick up anything we may have forgotten (which happens a lot). It is also close enough that my husband does not have to burn a ton of gas after hauling the camper and then making a second trip to fetch his boat. See, pulling a trailer is not something I would trust myself with. He would probably let me attempt to pull the camper before his boat though. A skill I will learn one of these days… maybe.  

It is also a favorite of ours for a few other reasons. One… the lake, obviously. Two… they have plenty of playground equipment to keep the girls entertained for most of the day. Three… you are bound to run into at least a handful of people you know. This is a good thing, after you have been stuck in a camper in the middle of nowhere trying to keep three kids entertained while your husband is out on the boat and there is not enough service for their i-Pads to work. A little adult interaction helps keep the sanity in check.  

I think I have mentioned before though that I am not the most sociable person ever? That would be a problem, but I have my kids for that. Most of the time, they leave me no choice. 

For instance, while we were camping last Saturday the girls wanted to go on a walk. As we were taking this walk around the other campsites, the girls encountered a little fluffy dog with her human in tow. Of course, they must stop to greet the dog and only the dog, never even looking up at the lady at the other end of the leash. So, I am forced to stop being such a recluse and make small talk with her.  

Turns out, she was camping with her husband and another couple who just so happened to be family friends of mine. Small world, right? After a few more minutes of puppy kisses and small talk, we go our separate ways. Do not let me forget this important detail: the dog’s name is RayRay.  

The reason this is important is because it is all I heard for the next three hours from both Ashton and Kameron. “RayRay this, RayRay that. I want to pet RayRay. Where is RayRay?” 

Coincidentally, RayRay was staying two camps over and they see her outside a little later in the evening, so my husband and I walk over and ask the lady if the girls can pet the infamous RayRay before we head off to find something to eat.  

Somehow, things transpired into us getting invited to eat dinner with them. It was really great. The kids forced me to get out of my shell and my husband and I were able to enjoy some great fellowship with these two other couples – sharing stories and eating a delicious meal that I did not have to prepare. I feel like I say this a lot… But in case you have not read any of my past articles, I am happy as can be any time I get to eat a meal that I did not have to shop for or cook. 

Oh, and the girls (and RayRay) were completely played out by bedtime. Win-win for everybody! 

P.S. This was almost a whole week ago and I am still hearing all about RayRay. We ran into her one more time while loading up to head home on Sunday and I am pretty sure Ashton has a playdate set up with RayRay and our poodle Harley in the near future.

(Paige Nash is a wife, mother, publisher of Bienville Parish Journal and Claiborne Parish Journal and a digital journalist for Webster Parish Journal. She’s learning to be more social.)