Weekly Filings

The following civil suits were filed with the Webster Parish Clerk of Court the week of April 20, 2023. All civil suits are a matter of public record.

April 20

Weldon Gillentine/Tina Gillentine, tutorship.

Gulfco of Louisiana, dba Tower loan of Springhill vs. Betty A Thompson, monies due.

Amanda Deloney vs. Jeremy Youngblood, protective order.

Estate of Robbie Jean Roach vs. Mary Emmanuel, contract.

April 21

Louisiana Community and Technical College System through Bossier Parish Community College vs. Ashley Janae Borden, monies due.

Linda F. Wilson vs. Blue Hill Special Insurance Co. and Murray Wayne Sparks, damages.

Charnessia Gill Nichols vs. Jasmine Javelin Nichols, divorce.

Bonnie Ray Tillman vs. Georgia Stapleton Tillman, divorce.

Nicole Ambriel Townsend vs. Shane Stephens, divorce w/children.

Nancy Marie Willis Goston vs. Edgar Goston Jr., divorce.

April 24

Joseph Wofford vs. Shonda Wofford, divorce.

Discover Bank vs. Danny Sexton, monies due.

Discover Bank vs. Clayton Hoyle, monies due.

University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors through Northwestern State University vs. Tara Millender, monies due.

Gulfco of Louisiana dba Tower Loan of Springhill vs. Malea N. McEachern, monies due.

April 26

The Bank of New York vs. Larry D. Smith, executor process.