It’s the Little Things

Webster Parish School Superintendent Johnny Rowland

I have given ample thought to the myriad of things teachers provide for the students and families of Webster Parish.  In addition, we are in the midst of LEAP 2025 testing in all schools with grades 3 and above.  I mention this because teachers constantly bless our students and families in ways a test score does not directly measure.  Some may say these are the “little things,” but we know in many cases, the “little things” count the most.  You might ask, what are you referring to?  Well, here are a few things that have come to mind over the course of this week:

From the district and school level, teachers provide clothing, food, materials/supplies, mental health counseling, transportation, shelter, and other links to resources for our students and families during times of loss or tragedy.  They give countless things out of their own pockets to those in need that no one except that individual will ever know about.  They offer words of encouragement, a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a safe haven at school.  (We all recognize that for many of our students, the best part of their day is while they are with teachers at school.)  You serve in loco parentis, as protector, confidant, role model, and mentor.  These are just a few examples of items that could be on a list that goes on and on.  I think it’s safe to say these “little things” really are “BIG THINGS”!  There is no doubt teachers are the difference makers in the lives of those they come in contact with on a daily basis for most of the year.  Our students and families need us; they depend on us!  

With this in mind, and on behalf of the Webster Parish School Board and the entire supervisory/central office staff, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

(Johnny Rowland, Jr. is the Superintendent of Webster Parish Schools.)