Large group gathers to dedicate veterans signs on I-20

By Bonnie Culverhouse

It took almost two years to complete, but last Friday, new Vietnam Veterans signs were placed east- and west-bound on Interstate 20.

A special ceremony was held in the meeting room at Webster Parish Fire District 7’s station on Highway 80.

Jerry Madden told the much larger than expected crowd how the sign came about, including State Rep. Wayne McMahen’s part in it.

“Originally, we were looking at the interchange at Dixie Inn, but the mother of a young woman who was killed there wanted it, and we said absolutely,” Madden said. “Having lost a child, too, we understand it may help her heal.”

There are three bridges named for veterans along Interstate 20, including the Madden’s son, Josh. So, they settled on a mile marker between Goodwill Road and Dixie Inn.

Replicas of the sign were given to as many veterans as possible Friday, with more promised to those who did not receive one. In the photos, veteran Larry Jernigan shows off his replica.