UCAP tourney continues to grow with new events

By Bonnie Culverhouse

United Christian Assistance Program’s golf tournament/fundraiser this past weekend was successful, but it may be a while before organizers know the extent.

“We know we raised around $15,000 at the auction Friday night,” said John Earnhardt, one of the coordinators. “I think that was pretty good for the first year. Next year, we will work harder to let sponsors know that even if they aren’t playing in the tournament, they are still invited to the dinner and auction.”

Earnhardt also said there were fewer teams playing this year than in years past. 

“We usually get some teams from Shreveport, but they were playing elsewhere,” he said.

The other factor that will affect the bottom line in a positive way is the new Pickle Ball Tournament. This was the first year for that, and it will be a contributing factor to the amount raised.