Letter to the Editor: Utilities are ongoing issue

Dear Editor:

Minden utility policies, procedures, and the repulsive attitude of the employees is an ongoing issue that persecutes the citizens of Minden. The already oppressed population in Minden and individuals affected by certain disparities, some possibly racial, are mostly impacted by the policies, procedures, and attitudes that could be labeled as unfair, insensitive, greedy, despicable, and perhaps fraudulent. Minden Utilities offers no extensions, payment plans, or any kind of assistance. The employees are cold, rude, and definitely lack compassion. I spoke with an individual in the Mayor’s office and I was told that Minden offers no plans for assistance because there are numerous avenues in Minden already that provide assistance with utilities. That way of thinking is causing life-altering complications for the already oppressed, poor, or disabled, just to name a few. The governing entities know that there are poor and disabled people, however, their needs and life circumstances are never taken into consideration. I am sure it is all about money. I believe these policies are walking a fine line between unfair and fraudulent when referring to the disabled. There are places that offer assistance, UCAP 150 dollars once a year a few churches might help you, but they have never helped me. The worst excuse for assistance is the Community Action Center, namely the LIHEAP program. Personally, I have called  5 times and they always say they are out of funds. One lady the works there was very kind but the supervisor needs a job that doesn’t include working with the public. She is obviously there for a paycheck. If their reasoning for no payment plans or extension plans, is because there are already so many places in Minden already, then I say that is a classic example of a farce. Swepco and Entergy serve Caddo and Bossier parish and they also offer payment plans or extensions in spite of having several other places in the city that offer assistance. I call that a clear contradiction to the policies and procedures of Minden Utilities. This “utility” company and the governing parties thereof do not want these choices for  Minden citizens because they might lose something along the way or maybe it is just too much trouble. I have made complaints to other minden city hall personnel and they really don’t care either, and I suppose the problem was so insignificant to the Mayor because he didn’t even take out the time to write me back. I don’t know if you will publish this, but I think it will intrigue and inform the readers, and it is something they need to be aware of. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Karen Powell