Folks ‘Meet and Greet’ to sounds of Cox Family

By Marilyn Miller

Minden’s Savannah Court hosted a “Meet and Greet” on Tuesday, May 30 beginning at 2:30 p.m.

Representatives of the area’s business, law enforcement, and governmental entities visited the assisted living facility to meet residents and their families and to hear the sounds of the world-famous Cox Family singers.

Three generations of Cox family members have contributed to the musical group over the past four decades. Each one is blessed with vocal talent, as well as trained on a multiple number of musical instruments. Sidney Cox and three of the youngest Cox daughters were present to entertain on Tuesday.

The Cox Family, who started singing as a group in 1976 in their hometown of Cotton Valley, Louisiana, is best recognized for performing both country and bluegrass music. They are best known locally for their participation in the popular movie and soundtrack, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and for their collaborations with singer and musician Alison Krauss, with whom they share a Grammy award. They were nominated for another Grammy for their album, “Beyond the City.”

Visitors and musicians enjoyed refreshments following the mini-concert. The event was coordinated by Savannah Court director Nancy Hines and activities coordinator Sue Ranger.