MCC golf tournament all about sharing

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Although organizers won’t know for sure until Thursday, Minden Foundation board member Andy Pendergrass said Monday he feels the gross (before bills are paid) will be “in the $160-to-$170,000 range.”

“I don’t know how it could’ve gone any better,” Pendergrass said of the Minden Charity Classic annual golf tournament at Pine Hills Country Club. “I thought we would raise our standard $35,000 in the auction Friday night, but we actually raised between $50- and $60,000.”

Pendergrass said people throughout the weekend gave gifts in memory of Barry Teague, a golfer who died recently.

“There was a gun donated in his memory that went for $7,000,” he added. “That was great. I just didn’t know this was going to be possible.”

Pendergrass said Minden Foundation was founded 20 years ago, and the transition to today’s board has been well done.

“From Mike (Woodard), Mike (Harper) and John (Collins) to the board members we have now, that’s no credit to me,” he said. “It’s credit to Mike, Mike and John and the other board members stepping up and doing their roles. 

“Everything we do, we think about them and what would make them proud, what would make them glad,” Pendergrass continued. “We don’t want to do anything thing that would disappoint them. I feel like there’s a great mutual care for each other.”

Which is what drives Minden Foundation. Caring. Proceeds provide charitable assistance for those needs not specifically met by other charities or organizations.

MINDEN FOUNDATION BOARD: Andy Pendergrass, Candi Haynes, Jason Ogwyn, Zach Goodman, Kristin Utphall, Braley Raborn, Lindsey Cupples, Jeff Lee, Carlie Day, Garrett Vaughan, and Brittany Greer.

Winners will be determined and announced Thursday.