One on one with Jacob Brown, Minden High’s new boys basketball coach

By Josh Beavers

Before we get to the meat and potatoes, the one-on-one with Jacob Brown (the Crimson Tide’s new boys basketball coach), please allow for a poetic moment. Let’s just take a sec to acknowledge and appreciate where Jacob came from and where he’s going. 

Here’s “The Coach”, a little something in honor of one of Minden’s best:

On the court he stood, a coach tried and true,

His girls by his side, a team through and through.

For years he led them, with passion and heart,

And they played with spirit, from start to depart.

But now the winds of change are blowing,

And a new chapter in his life is showing.

A boys team awaits him, with open arms,

And he must adapt to their unique charms.

It’s a challenge, no doubt, to change his game,

To shift his focus, and adapt his aim.

But he’s a leader, with skills to spare,

And he knows how to win, and how to care.

So he’ll take the court, with his head held high,

And he’ll teach these boys to reach for the sky.

He’ll guide them with wisdom, and light their fire,

And they’ll play as a team, with a common desire.

For basketball is more than just a game,

It’s a passion, a calling, a source of acclaim.

And this coach, with his heart in the right place,

Will lead his new team to a championship race.

So here’s to the coach, with a heart of gold,

A leader, a mentor, both young and old.

May he find success, in his new endeavor,

And may his boys team be his shining treasure.

And now for my Q and A with Coach Jacob Brown:


Tell me about Jacob Brown


Born and raised in Minden, La, product of Webster Parish Schools, 43 years old, 1999 Minden High School graduate, 3 sport athlete at Minden-football, basketball and baseball.   Sports became an integral part of my life at an early age.  I loved to compete and being a part of a team is something that prepares you for life.  I had the opportunity to play on an AAU team in the summers of 1992 and 1993, Shreveport Blue Devils, coached by Mike Moore (Morehead Pools).  We won back to back state championships.

First year of college I went to Bossier Parish Community College then transferred to Louisiana Tech University my sophomore year and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.  While at Louisiana Tech I was able to be a part of what was called “The Dream Team”.  That team ran scout team information against the Lady Techsters.  That was an enjoyable experience because I was pursuing an education degree with intentions of becoming a teacher and coach.  At that time legendary coach Leon Barmore was the head coach so it was an opportunity to see how teams prepare and how coaches communicate and build relationships with their teams.  I knew at a young age I wanted to be a coach, I say young as in probably when I was a sophomore in high school.  The desire to be a coach was due to the influence several of my youth, middle and high school coaches had on my life.  I also had the opportunity to see my grandpa and uncle (Randy Carlisle) interact with their teams.  My first experience coaching was as a senior in college (2004).  One of my requirements to graduate was to complete an internship.  I had the opportunity to be an assistant baseball coach to Dean Francis and staff at Minden High School.   


Who all is in the Brown family?


Wife-Rachel Hollingsworth Brown (married 18 years), Rachel has also been an educator in Webster Parish for 19 years. She was a teacher and now serves as an Instructional Coach

Children: 2 boys Hudson Carlisle Brown (Freshman @ MHS) and William Jacob Brown (6th Grader @ WJH) and 1 daughter Anna Beth Brown (3rd Grader @ J.L. Jones Elementary)

Parents: Son of Teddy and Debbie Brown, Grandson of Carl “Pat” and Evelyn Brown as well as Clyde “Buster”  and Frances Carlisle (former MHS Boys Head Coach, 1970-80).


What made you make the switch between the two teams? 


I began my coaching career as a boys coach at Webster Junior High School.  A career goal of mine has been to get the opportunity to coach a high school boys’ basketball team. I didn’t know where or when that would happen but the opportunity presented itself right here at home.  It was not an easy decision.  Anytime a decision like this comes about it has to be the right decision for the other four individuals in my house, it’s not just what is best for me.  Leading our girls program was always very important to me during the last 14 years.  Representing the program the right way was always top priority. My grandfather was the boys coach here at Minden for 10 years, so for me to have this opportunity is very special to me and my family. I am excited about the future and look forward to working with the boys during the summer.


How have the girls taken it?


The girls had mixed emotions about me accepting the boy’s job. Not all people handle situations like that the same way. Some of them took it really hard and others took it in stride.  Just like any other scenario that we have experienced it becomes a teaching moment.  Changing jobs is not something that they will fully understand until they become adults and processing the information that leads to those decisions.  I will forever cherish my time with the young ladies that I have been able to coach during the last 14 years. I have been able to see young ladies grow in all areas of their lives and that is one of the most rewarding aspects of this profession.


What do you see as the future of both teams at MHS? 


I see the girls adding to what was accomplished this year.  We were able to make it back to the playoffs this year after missing the playoffs the previous year.  We only had 2 seniors on the team this year.  The last 2 years our team was really young so I think the girls are in a position to improve on past experiences.  As far as the boys, we are getting started.  We had 5 or 6 seniors this year so when I look at the roster we have some young kids but in the little time we have had together it was productive.  We will take the time to begin building relationships and prioritize the values that produce productive men and  successful teams. When I met with the team a few weeks ago I emphasized the importance of having a positive mindset and working together toward team goals.  Whatever we set out to accomplish will have to be done with enthusiasm, discipline and a great work ethic.  I’m looking forward to this journey!


What do you love about coaching?  


I just enjoy the fact that as a coach you are in a position to positively influence many generations. Coaching and teaching is a mission field and I enjoy that role. I also enjoy seeing the kids develop and grow from the beginning of their high school career to the end, but most importantly, I enjoy watching them grow into young adults as they go out into the world.  


Any specific great memories of your time with the ladies team you like to share?  


It has been an honor to coach the many young ladies that have come through the program.  The highlight of the 14 years was definitely our 4 year run of 107-27 and playing in the 2019 state tournament, 1st appearance in 16 years and 2 Doc Edwards championship games, classics to say the least! 


Anything else you’d like to tell me?


An interesting part of my journey and something that is very special to not only me, but my wife and children, is that I was able to coach and mentor and eventually coach alongside a former student. My first year coaching and teaching at Webster, I coached a young man named Rodarian Rogers. I got to coach him in jr. high and high school. Years later he became one of my assistant coaches and now has coached my boys at Webster Jr. High.  I feel like I have come full circle, and it’s pretty special when someone you hoped to have a positive influence on ends up being a vital part of my own children’s lives!