Wednesday brings three more letters

By Bonnie Culverhouse

The number of anonymous letters reported to police by local businesses is holding at 11.

“So far, we have only one that was unopened before we got it,” said Minden Police Chief Jared McIver Tuesday morning. “It is imperative we get at least one more unopened before we can, hopefully, get DNA samples off the the envelopes.”

Monday was the first day a business brought MPD a letter, and the numbers have grown every day since then. The body of the letters is the same on all and written in pencil. There is no return address and postmarks are from Shreveport and Monroe.

“This is not an ‘anthrax’ situation,” said the chief. “There is nothing in the envelopes that is dangerous. It’s what is written inside that is disturbing.”

MPD passes the letters to FBI, who has been working similar cases since 2019 – just not in Minden.

“The FBI has asked us not to release what is in the letters because it could impede the investigation and put certain persons and businesses at risk,” McIver said. “We are asking the public to be patient and help, if they can.”

Contact Minden Police at 318-371-4226 if you or your business receives one of these envelopes.