Sign property needed for Boom or Bust Byway artwork

By Paige Nash

The Webster Parish Convention and Tourism Commission (WPCVC) has partnered with Claiborne Parish and the Shreveport-Bossier Tourism Commission, who has written a grant to receive artwork along the Boom or Bust Byway. One of these pieces will possibly be featured in Webster Parish if they can find somewhere to put it.  

“Right now, we are trying to get land secured on Highway 2 to place a gateway sign that is funded partially through an art grant,” said WPCVC Executive Director Serena Gray. “We have been unsuccessful so far in finding someone who owns property that would be willing to let us place this sign.” 

The Boom or Bust Byway is a popular tourism attraction in Northwest Louisiana. It is described as the ultimate road trip for young explorers, families, retirees and international visitors who are seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. It is a 136-mile self-driving tour across four North Louisiana Parishes- Caddo, Bossier, Webster and Claiborne.  

This grant will allow the placement of 11 pieces of art along this route. They will serve as a gateway sign to introduce and welcome visitors to various locations along the way. Each piece will be different and individually reflective of the area that they are located. 

“The pushback we get is that the sign is so big. It is a 16’ x 18’ gateway sign. It is a beautiful entrance into the city, but we can’t seem to get anyone to say ‘yes’ to allowing us to place it on their property. If we do not get that, then we will not be included in the project,” said Gray.  

Gray reached out to the Webster Parish Police Jury for recommendations. 

“Hopefully that pans out,” said Gray. “I would hate for us to be the only parish who does not participate in this grant. I don’t know why they are saying no. It is no cost to anyone. It is just a beautiful gateway sign into the community.” 

Shreveport-Bossier has secured their sites, as well as Claiborne Parish.