Local schools see increase in Mastery

By Paige Nash

The Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) scores are in.  

Students in grades third through eighth and eleventh are tested annually to measure their proficiency in the four core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. They are scored by four categories – Approaching Basic, Basic, Mastery and Advanced. Scoring in the Mastery category means students are proficient in that subject and are ready for the next grade level.  

How did Webster Parish Schools perform this year? 

According to Webster Parish Schools Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Supervisor Dusty Rangel, seven out of the eleven LEAP 2025 testing schools saw an increase in the percentage of students who scored Mastery or above.  

“Richardson led the way with a 5 percent increase in Mastery and above students with Minden High School and Brown Upper Elementary tied for second with a 4 percent increase,” said Rangel.  

Five of the six LEAP 2025 tested high school subject areas saw an increase in their Assessment Index.  

“The Assessment Index measures how a group of students performed on the LEAP assessment. Students receive Assessment Index points based on their achievement level,” said Rangel.  

Geometry saw the largest increase with a 12.2-point increase. Followed closely by English with a 9.2-point growth.  

This assessment index plays an important role in the overall School Performance Scores, making up 70 percent of that score for grades Kindergarten through eighth and 12.5 percent for high schools. 

The Louisiana Department of Education’s School Performance Scores will not be released until early November.