Sunrise with the Lakeside seniors  

By Josh Beavers

Lakeside seniors kicked off the year by watching the Sun rise over their school on Friday morning. 

This is a relatively new tradition which began a few years ago. The Class of 2024 wanted to keep that tradition alive. 

“On the second day of school our class got together and watched the sunrise together,” senior Ava Dison said. “It is a recent tradition started a few years back called Senior Sunrise.”

She said the moment her class heard about the tradition, they knew they couldn’t wait to participate. 

“Little did we know that day would come so soon,” she said. “Many people in my class have gone to school together since the first day in Pre-K back at Central. It became a routine to see all your friends at school for about 10 months then take a break and come back to do it all over again.”

She said it is saddening knowing this routine will soon come to an end. 

“But I will forever cherish the memories I have with each one of them,” she said. “As for the time I have left with them, I am going to make it the best senior year ever.”