LaMa Spotlight: a story of Hope and a place to call home

By Melanie Townsend

A call came in from a lady who was a long-haul truck driver, she had picked up an older beagle from a remote area. The beagle was in bad shape and it was obvious she had been in survival mode for quite a while.  The lady had picked her up and was feeding her and giving her the best care she could while driving a big rig.  Her boss heard about her helpfulness and insisted she find other care for the old gal.  LaMa Rescue was called and a space was made for her with Justin Thomas. Justin has a soft spot for old dogs and especially beagles. 

The little old girl was named Hope, since through all her trials of survival she still seemed to have hope and love in her eyes, despite being on her own for a while. Once at the vet, it was determined that at 13 years of age, she was heartworm positive, full of parasites, with fluid on her lungs and has a stage 4 heart murmur, along with some other health issues. Her prognosis was poor and euthanasia was an option discussed. With one pleading look of her big hopeful eyes, the decision was made to give her the best love, care and attention, most probably than she has ever known. As long as she fights, we will fight with her and make whatever days she has left happy days filled with doggy adventures and lots of love.  

Since coming to reside with Justin, Hope has enjoyed the simple things in life, walks in the yard, a good roll in the green grass, always knowing there is food each day, a soft bed to sleep on and a loving belly rub. Unfortunately, not all rescue dogs can make the trip up north to find a new family, but even the ones deemed unadoptable are given love and care. 

Please help support LaMa Animal Rescue continue to provide care for Hope and so many other animals in our community.  Find them on Facebook or check out our website at   LaMa needs fosters and has many opportunities to serve on numerous committees within the organization.