Small victories!

Dear Editor:

Monday, August 14th during the formal (Springhill) City Council meeting when agenda item (C) Introduced an ordinance establishing a water rate increase effective September 11, 2023, was read you could have heard a pin drop. No motion was put forward. Not a sound from our Aldermen. The ordinance was refused.

There was some obvious displeasure by a few in the room. Video is available on YouTube, City of Springhill Louisiana. I have to say I have never been prouder of these five Aldermen. They considered their constituents and would not be railroaded into a vote that did not level the playing field with every water customer paying their fair share.

These five Aldermen recognize that the water department is seriously in the hole and needs to be fixed. Doing things, “this is the way we have always done it” is costing you, me, & businesses a lot of money. Possibly a couple hundred thousand dollars a year because of this mentality for years on end.

Righting the fiscal ship starts right there. A line-by-line review of the water department is also a must. If the water customers are expected to go without something in their monthly budget, so should the water department or at the very least cut back. With this department in the spotlight with the state for lack of sustainability, you would think the administration would be making efforts to show the public no more irresponsible spending.

Actually, in a backroom way, they are defending their spending. City Hall does not write city policy. The City Council writes and funds policy within our city. There is an important imaginary line that divides the two entities but still allows them to work together for the benefit of Springhill.

This is not the City Council from the Mayor’s first term. These five Aldermen are determined to get this right and keep our rate increase to a minimum. Thank you, Aldermen Melancon, Whitlock, Smith & Alderwoman Frazier, & Willard. Your constituents are paying attention.


Reva Rice

Springhill, La.