Church fundraiser honors member’s memory

A local church is honoring the memory of a faithful member with a fundraiser to benefit its programs.

Pine Grove Methodist Church will be hosting a Judy Rayner Memorial Fundraiser Saturday, September 23 at 4549 Lewisville Rd., Minden.

There will be a chicken spaghetti or red sauce spaghetti meal ($10). Drive through will be available between 4:30 and 5 p.m. Dine-in begins at 5 p.m.

Raffle tickets are on sale now through the fundraiser evening for $5.

Raffle times include 2 knives by Eddie Martin; custom made tumbler by L-K Fast Krafts, 2 pairs of diamond earrings and 2 crochet afghans by Kelli Knowles.

Silent auction items include:

Dragon Fly painting by Linda Lyles

Birdfeeder/plant hanger by Davis Ironworks

Large and small handmade quilts by Ruby Dees

Home Delights Gift Basket by Monica Clark

Spa Day Gift Basket by Monica Clark

L-K, S Fast Krafts Tumber by Lisa-Kay Moore

2 front end alignments by John Collins

Painting by late artist and pastor Frank DeLoach

A Night at the Villas by Sara McDaniel

20 cases of Music Mountain Water by Marcus Wren

Contact Robin McCormack (426-4691), Lisa Peters (707-3226, Lanea Dooly @ AJ Price (617-8465), Monica Clark (464-2349) and Pine Grove Church Office (377-2609).

Judy Rayner of Minden, was a loyal member of Pine Grove Methodist Church. She died March 21, 2023.