LaMa Animal Rescue honored by Innovative Students and their gifts

LaMa Animal Rescue of Webster Parish was honored this week with some special gifts from Ms. Katelin Breaux’s AG/FFA class at Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning.  They applied for and were awarded a grant for the FFAS Mini Day of Service Grant.  With the money from the grant, they blessed four different rescues in the area with 25 gift bags for dogs and 25 for cats, to be used for the animals in foster care.  LaMa Animal Rescue from Springhill, was honored to be one of those four rescues in the community. 

The AG classes are for students from 8th grade to 12th at BPSTIL. Several of the students from Ms. Breaux’s class met a representative of LaMa Rescue in the school office to deliver the goodie bags. This is an inspiring and dynamic group of students leading the way to motivate others to give back to their community and make a difference where you can. 

The dogs and cats (and fosters) at LaMa, send our sincerest thanks and gratitude for the outstanding group of students at BPSTIL.