Apaches spear Rams

Glenbrook 3rd and 4th graders. Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Travis Chapman

Tuesday, Sept 26 brought on the highly anticipated regular season finale for your undefeated Elementary Apaches, both 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade classes went to war on the JGS Rams that made the trek west from Funroe, La. looking to leave their mark on the season. 

3/4th Grade – Apaches: 15; Rams: 7

Your Captains for the night were a slough of the Apache 3rd Graders, John O’Donnell, Rocket Rivet, and Waylon Chapman. The Rams won the toss but deferred to the second half. 

The Apaches started out on offense but came out missing a few steps and fumbled the ball on the second play from scrimmage that gave the Rams the short field. Everett Tucker and Hank Rowton came up with big tackles and Captain Powell, who forevermore had himself a game, laid the wood stopping the Rams at the line that brought up a 3rd and long. The Apaches War Party dug their heels in on 4th and a cab ride when Hank Rowton came up with a huge tackle in the backfield to close out the first quarter 0-0. 

The ensuing Apaches offensive possession, Ryder Hollingsworth called his own number and picked up 28 yards and an Apache first down. The blazing 2 back, Rowton found a hole opened by Big G and 

El-Captain Powell for a gain of 17 yards and another Apache first down.

Coach Rowton dialed up an RPO to which the salty QB, Hollingswoth rolled around the end for a gain of 12-yards and another Apache first down on the Rams 17-yard line. The War Party offense channeled its inner “Cha-Cha Slide” –“REVERSE-REVERSE”, and there went WR- Marshall Duck around the end untouched for the first Apache TD of the night. Hollingsworth connected with one of his many weapons, Marshall Duck for the 2pt conversion. Apaches led the Rams 8-0. 

The Apaches’ defense stormed the field holding the Rams down. Tate Mandino made a big stop at the corner for no gain that brought up a 3rd and long with 17 seconds left in the first half. Marshall Duck and Hagan Hay combined for a pass break up that brought up a 4th down and a par 5 for the Rams. Skyler Malone flew in from the back field and made a big solo tackle that forced a turnover on downs for the Rams. 

The Apaches offense had big momentum with just 5 seconds left in first half when Ryder Hollingsworth completed the dime drop of 35 yards in the air, to Warren Johnson but a last effort tackle from the Rams saved the touchdown to close the half with the Apaches leading 8-0. 

As the Apache cheer squads finished dazzling the huge Apache home crowd to end half time, the fired-up Apaches defense trotted out on the field looking to hold the JGS Rams at bay. El-Captain Powell continued his amazing performance and blew up the defense for another tackle for loss. Warren Johnson wanted a piece of the action and stoned the Rams at the line of scrimmage for no gain that brought up 3rd and long. The Apaches Tribe gang tackled the running back that forced a punt and an offensive take over on the 40 yard line. 

A long Apaches’ run by the Blazing Brave-Hank Rowton that would’ve resulted in a touchdown was brought back by costly holding penalty to bring up 1st and 20. The very next play another costly fumble again gave the Rams the short field on the Apache 27yd line. 

Everett Tucker made a big tackle, but it was enough for a Rams first down, only their second of the entire game. Everett Tucker continued to teach his ongoing 5-week course on tackling (which may wind up being an Amazon best seller) to close out the 3rd quarter that retained an 8-0 Apache lead. But the JGS Rams found a rhythm and punched it in for the touchdown with 7:15 left in the game and converted the 1- point try. The Apaches retained the lead 8-7 with 6:30 left in the contest. 

The Apaches’ offense came out swinging with the Bass Brothers, Hank Rowton and Hagan Hay breaking tackles and combining on runs up the middle for an Apache first down! The very next play, the jumbo package lined up mad at the world. “Big G”, Grayson Avery tucked the ball in his belly, blasted through the 6 hole, blew up 2 tacklers, and sprinted down the field 55-yards for the Apache touchdown with his jumbo set partner in crime, El-Captain Powell converted the 1pt try as he walked, unequivocally over the top of the Rams defender. Apaches stretched the lead to 15-7 with 1:47 left in the game. 

The ensuing possession Skyler Malone plucked the ball out of the sky from the Rams’ huge QB and gave the ball back to the Apaches with 1:30 left in the game. The 2/3rd graders took the field on offense to gain some experience against the BIG first string, JGS Rams. 

Hank Rowton connected for a 15-yard gain to the lightening bolt, WR-Austin Ramsey to move the chains that closed the contest out with a hard-fought Apaches win over the JGS Rams, 15-7. 

With that win, your 3rd and 4th grade Apaches finished the regular season with a perfect 5-0 record, with their eyes focused ever so keenly on the championship trophy! Behind the outstanding coaching from Jesse Smith and Nick Rowton, they remind our Tribe daily to “be better tomorrow than you were today”, not only in football, but in every situation life throws at you. With that mentality, buckle up and hang on for the tournament this Saturday!

5/6th Grade – Apaches: 12; Rams: 0

Immediately following the big win from the 3rd and 4th graders, Cade Smith, Hayes Hanson, and Levi Caston performed their captain’s duty for the night as the Apaches received the opening possession on offense. 

The Apaches’ offense started running behind Max Scroggs that moved the chains. But the enormous Rams proved to be a formidable foe and held the Apaches just short on 4th down for a turnover on downs. 

Apaches’ defense came out looking to thwart the Rams advances, but the Rams continued to move the ball down the field until CT Harris made a thunderous tackle that provided a spark to the defense. The Rams narrowly picked up another first down, but a costly holding penalty backed them up for a first and goal from the 18-yard line to end the 1st quarter knotted at 0.  The second quarter began with Ace Rolen tracking the quarterback’s eyes and nabbing the ball in front of his intended target. Ace returned it for 10 yards. 

Apaches’ offense came out running the football behind “The Flash” Max Scroggs and on 3rd and short, the “Blonde Bullet”, Brant Bridges took the reverse and made his way toward Tanglewood Dr. 78-yards. He was barely pushed out of bounds by a Ram to save the Apache touchdown, but nevertheless toted the chains with him for a new set of downs. The Rams defense didn’t break and forced a turnover on downs at the Apache 10-yard line. 

The Apache defense held strong on the next possession for the Rams and forced a punt with 1:37 left in the first half. The Apaches’ offense came out with misfortune with a dropped pass behind the line that the Rams fall on giving them a new possession in plus territory with 1:28 left in the half. 

Folks, have I mentioned how good this Apache defense is? If I haven’t, be sure to keep reading to see just how good they are. 

The very next play, CT Harris intercepted the football with just two men between him and glory, but the ever-so elusive “Turf Monster” reached up and knocked the ball from Harris’ arms and the Rams fell on it and gave them a fresh set of downs. That did nothing but anger the Apache Tribe even more. The Apaches defense backed the Rams up with outstanding play on 4th down and forced another turnover on downs for the Rams that sent us into the half still knotted at 0. 

The Rams’ offense took the field to start the second half, and Apache fans, that would be their LAST first down of the contest! The entire Apaches squad opened their ears and hearts to the outstanding coaching by the law firm, Smith, Rowton, and Hanson, and turned it up to another level that forced the opening drive punt by the Rams.

Your Apaches took over possession on the 35-yard line.  Ace Rolen took it up the right side for a gain of 15 and a first down. The Apaches gashed the Rams up the middle and continued to move the chains and the clock. Ace Rolen found a wide-open gap and blasted it up the right side for a 25-yard touchdown for your Apaches. The 1-point conversion was thwarted but closed the 3rd quarter with the lead 6-0 in favor of the Apaches. 

Apache defense came out looking to “Defend the Brook” and continued their dominance with great end play and gang tackling and forced another quick Rams’ punt. 

The Apaches’ offense took over the 45-yard line with 5 min left in contest. The QB-Rylan Rainey sealed the backside with an enormous block that sprung the Blonde Bullet for another 22-yard gain that moved the chains for the Apaches. The very next play Mason Burns blasted up the right side for a gain of 20-yards and put the Apaches on the 3-yard line. Very quickly, “The Flash”, Max Scroggs finds pay dirt for another Apaches touchdown but the 2pt conversion failed. The Apaches widened the gap 12-0 with 1:40 left in the contest. 

The stellar Apaches’ defense came out with Hayes Glasscock running with his hair on fire and his tail catchin’ and made a tackle in the backfield for a loss of 6. Great gang tackling made by the Apaches brought up a 4th down and a cab ride for the Rams with just 24 ticks left. Safety, Baylor Culver sealed the game 12-0 for the Apaches with a HUGE INTERCEPTION to propel the Apaches to 5-0 headed into the championship tournament on Saturday! Remember earlier when I mentioned how good this Apaches’ defense is??? Well, your Apaches only allowed 7 total yards in the second half of the contest. Go ahead, re-read that last part…. 7 TOTAL YARDS ALLOWED. This defense also only allowed one score in the last 4 contests. 

We need all the Apache faithful to come out this Saturday starting at 2 p.m. to “Defend the Brook” and root on your Apache Tribe, as we look to MAKE WAR on anyone standing in the way of that championship trophy. The battles will not be easy on this road, but with your support we can bring the trophies into the halls of our beloved Glenbrook. 

Let’s call it up, LOUD AND PROUD…. 


Apaches 5th and 6th graders. Photo by Emily Glasscock.