Apaches take sting out of Hornets

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Travis Chapman

Glenbrook took the short trek down I-20 to exit 57, Friday night just down the road from “La Fogata” to take on the 4-0 Arcadia Hornets in a district 1-1A showdown. This match showed the Apaches’ sheer will to wield the spear as they took the sting out of the Hornets, 29-6. 

To quote the PA announcer for the Hornets, “we welcome the Glenwood Apache.” The Apaches received the opening kick-off of the night and brought it out to the 50-yard line to get the offense started. 

The Apaches started off strong imposing their will and ran the football behind Landry Powell and Chase Sentell that quickly brought up a first and goal from the 9-yard line. Sentell took a quick toss from Sanders and scurried into the end zone for the first Apache touchdown of the night and converted the 2-pt conversion. Apaches led 8-0 with 8:21 left in first quarter! 

The ensuing kick-off, the Apaches recovered their onside kick at the 45 yard line that gave the offense another early possession. They continued to play smash mouth football, 4-yards and a cloud of dust. But a 3rd down counter, misdirection play sent Sentell blasting through a hole the offensive line made you could drive a Freightliner through for a gain of 39-yards down to the Hornet 3-yard line that setup a first and goal. The Apaches tried to kick a field goal on 4th down, but a faulty snap and quick toss to Easton Sanders was stopped inside of a yard short of the end zone and the Apaches turned it over on downs. 

The Apache defense showed their fortitude and stopped the Hornets’ running attack. But the fast tail back broke it around the end for a quick gain of 15 yards. But the very next play the Hornets had a personal foul called that negated the 15-yard run and put them well behind the sticks but picked a first down on a quick pass play. The Hornets kept inching the ball down the field and executed the option to perfection. Landry Powell shot the gap and got his bear claw he calls a hand on the pass and knocked it down. That forced a 4th and 7 that the Apaches defense busted up. The Hornets turned it over on downs with 5:30 left in 1st half. 

The Apaches took over on their own 10 and moved the football at will, but a costly fumble from a bad exchange recovered by the hornets gave the moment back to the offense on the Apache 25-yard line. The big MLB, Garrett Brown found his stride and made consecutive tackles that forced another 4th and 7 with 1:45 left in the half. The Apache defense made another gang tackle and turned the Hornets over on downs again. 

The Apache offense came out with a short clock and picked up big yards, but the Hornets’ safety made a “Sportscenter Top 10” play. He showcased his seemingly 7 foot 12 inch vertical and plucked the ball from the sky 4 yards in front of the WIDE-OPEN WR, Sentell. But the Apache defense answered the call and nearly intercepted the Hornets QB that closed out the first half with the Apaches in front 8-0. 

As the giant full moon illuminated the stadium in Arcadia, the 2nd half kicked off with the Apaches’ strong defense looking to keep the hornets scoreless. Landry Powell read the Hornet QB eyes and intercepted the football and gained 15 more yards on the return. That big swing of momentum gave the offense life. The next play Landry Powell picked up 15 yards up the middle and was tackled for a first down, but the back judge official signaled for a Hornet possession well after the play was over, which blew everyone’s mind in the stadium. Nevertheless, the Apache defense made some big hits, but faced a first and goal for the Hornets. They eventually punched it in for a touchdown but failed the 2 point conversion. The Apaches retained a tight lead, 8-6 with 6:59 left in the third quarter. 

On the ensuing kickoff Chase Sentell blew through the Hornets’ protection and gave the offense great field position on the Hornet 47-yard line. The offense came out and inserted their dominance. Landry Powell took it 46 yards and was stopped on the 1-yard line. But another miscue by stretching the ball into the end zone caused another fumble with the Hornets recovering in the end zone for the 3rd turnover on a scoring play of the evening. 

The Apache defense held strong and forced a turnover on downs at the 50-yard line that closed the 3rd with a tight Apache lead, 8-6.  

The 4th quarter opened with the Apaches’ offense moving the ball at will. The great offensive line carried the chains on their backs! Sentell and Powell took turns shoving the ball down the Hornets’ throats but faced a crucial 4th down on the Hornet 23-yard line. The QB Easton Sanders rifled the ball to Jackson Waller for 16 yards and a first down. That play set up big Landry Powell to punch it in up the middle as he walked over the chest of the Hornet safety for another Apache touchdown. Easton Sanders kicked the extra point and your Apache Tribe extended the lead to 15-6 with 7:53 left in the contest. 

The Apaches looked to strike again after they forced another turnover on downs at the 6-minute water break. Chase Sentell showcased his “run from the cops” speed and took it around the left side behind a block from Landry Powell that cleaned the clock of a Hornet defender that brought the Apaches’ faithful to their feet and Sentell went untouched 54 yards for another Apache touchdown! Sanders added to his extra point stats and the Apache War Party extended the lead to 22-6 with 5:41 left in the contest. 

This defense played incredible in the second half, but the senior stand-out, Chase Sentell picked the Hornet QB and returned it 50-yards. Two plays later for the Apache offense, Easton Sanders fired a 70-mph bullet to Landry Powell on a deep curl route. Powell ran over a defender and scored another Apache TD on the 58-yard pitch and catch. The score widened to 29-6, in favor of the Apaches after the Sanders extra point with 2:00 left in the contest. 

The Hornets’ offense came out in one last ditch effort to put points on the board, but Mason Farnell had different plans as he forced a fumble in the backfield that Landry Powell scooped up and rumbled 40 yards down the field and was stopped on the 2 yard line by a swarm of Hornets that prevented the touchdown. The victory formation solidified the victory for your Apache War Party, 29-6 over the Arcadia Hornets! 

We are extremely proud of our Apaches. They came out strong and imposed their will, had a few missteps that gave momentum to the Hornets. The Tribe dug deep, improved their execution from good coaching from the Apache staff and blew the doors off the Hornets in the second half. This big win moves the Apaches to a 4-1 record as we parade into the Homecoming week festivities. Next Friday, come one, come all and come early as your Apaches “Defend The Brook” against the Magnolia School of Excellence Mariners in another district game at 6pm! 


Photo by Emily Glasscock