Families take cases to social media

As of noon Wednesday, there were no more releases of information concerning a fight on a Webster Parish School bus around 7 a.m. Monday, although both families involved have taken to social media to plead their cases.

According to KSLA, Superintendent Johnny Rowland of the Webster Parish School District has released a statement in response to a video showing a boy beating a girl on a school bus.

“The video, which is less than 30 seconds long, shows two girls standing up facing each other across the aisle. One girl shoves the other, then a boy pops up from another seat and strikes the girl who was shoved in the face from behind. He continues to strike the girl as other kids begin to scream. He hits her about a dozen times before the girl who did the shoving tries to intervene. The boy shoves her away, then appears to spit on the girl he was striking, and starts to yell at her as she lies on the floor of the bus.

“Family members of the girl who was beaten say she attends Webster Junior High, while the boy who assaulted her attends Minden High School. It’s unclear at this time how the dispute between the two girls began, or why the boy got involved. The family also says the girl who was beaten may have made a threat about stabbing someone, which the bus driver reported to the school. The student was then reportedly suspended for that threat.

“The family then voluntarily took the girl to Brentwood in Shreveport,” according to the television station.

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, the school district released the following statement about the incident:

“We have been made aware of the existence of a video which is being circulated and which depicts a fight between two students on a Webster Parish school bus. Such incidents sometimes occur and are immediately addressed when they do. While this matter was handled in accordance with Board policy and is now being addressed with the students, we are unable to comment on the specifics. Webster Parish students are driven thousands of miles each week without incident or injury, and student safety is and shall remain our priority.”

Johnny Rowland Jr., superintendent, Webster Parish School District