Tax roll totals increased in 2023

By Paige Nash

Webster Parish Tax Assessor Denise Edwards presented the 2023 Police Jury Board of Review Report at last week’s Webster Parish Police Jury meeting on October 3. According to the report, there was a large increase in assessed value for the year.  

“The majority, 14.5 million, was mainly attributed to an audit held by the Assessor of Cell Towers, Sites and their equipment,” said Edwards. “Oil and Gas increased roughly $1.86 million due to a new method of assessing Oil & Gas wells and equipment that was passed by a constitutional amendment last year.  Public Service and Rolling Stock also increased by around $2.2 million. This is companies like utilities, railroads, interstate pipelines, etc.” 

The improvement of those numbers will result in an overall increase in taxes for the Webster Parish Police Jury in the amount of $188,77. That number is up over last year’s increase, which was $34,191.  

The total value of the 2023 tax roll is $343,852,157 with 12,311 parcels having homestead (7,076 fully covered) of $59,979,810, leaving a total taxable value of $283,872,317 for 2023. 

There were three protests against the 2023 Webster Parish Tax roll which included Yellow Jacket Oilfield Services, CableOne and USAC Leasing. Yellow Jacket withdrew their protest and the other two did not show up at the public hearing to protest.  

According to Edward’s report, all three of those were assessed according to Louisiana Tax Commission Rules and Regulations. 

All millages for the various taxing districts including, library, school board, fire districts, jury, law enforcement, industrial district and assessment district were submitted and approved by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office apart from Sibley Fire District #2. They are set to hold their meeting on Thursday, October 12.