Police jury candidate throws support behind another

To the residents of Webster Parish, District 5

My name is Ricky Thomas and I was running for the Police Jury seat for our district.  After I completed the application and paid the fee to run for office, I figured out quick, that I could not give District 5 the full attention that is required to do the job and I decided to withdraw from the race.   I had completed the forms to withdraw from the election, but the state rejected my application to withdraw.  So, that is why I am still on the ballot.  This is a demanding position and requires a person to give 100 percent of themselves to do the job correctly.  That is why I am giving my full support to Mr. Mike Griffith.  

Mr. Griffith has done an outstanding job in the last serval months after the death of Bernard Hudson our last Police Juryman.  Mr. Griffith approached me after he heard I was withdrawing from the race and asked me if I would support him in the election. He knew I was a Democrat but he asked me on top of that.  After talking to him for about two hours, I knew he was the man for job.  I have witnessed him shaking on doors, putting signs up all over District 5, and going to events in the parish.  On top of that, he owns his own company and has answered every call that has come across his phone pertaining to District 5.  On top of that he is a Christan and a very respected individual, whom I can call a friend!

Please help me in electing Mr. Mike Griffith, #54 this Saturday.

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