Director: Seed’s center is in God’s plan

By Paige Nash

It was an emotional night for all in attendance at the annual Seed’s Banquet held last Thursday evening, October 12.  

Executive Director of Seed’s Women’s Center Amber Bradford announced that the center has grown by 87 percent over the last 12 months. They have served 335 clients, administered 214 pregnancy tests, 308 ultrasounds, 7 women have chosen adoption, and 97 women are currently enrolled in parenting classes.  

She credited God’s plan for where the center is today. 

Seventeen years ago, Bradford herself was a client when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant with her daughter. 

“He knew I was going to be here at this moment, in this time and He knew I would be the Director of an amazing Seed’s Women’s Center,” said Bradford. “Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God? He knows every person that comes through our center and is not sure what is going to happen and how they are going to get through the next nine months.” 

This year was the first that the center has branched out and held an 11-week Navigating Fatherhood Class. “Over those 11 weeks, they went from not just a couple of dads, but to friends and now a brotherhood,” said Bradford. “They rely on each other. They are actually really good friends that call onto each other and do Bible study together.” 

Seed’s is planning to have another fatherhood class in the coming year.  

Keynote speaker for the night Brandi Geiger shared her adoption story and there was hardly a dry eye out of over 300 in attendance. A story of rape, fear, adoption, God’s timing and victory left quite the impression and laid the foundation for the remarkable impact a center like Seed’s can have on the community and the mothers, fathers, children and grandparents who are a part of it.   

Geiger shared that she was raped by a former boyfriend which resulted in a pregnancy. Her mother initially brought her to a Planned Parenthood clinic but decided not to follow through with the abortion. Her mother was supportive of her decision and later her decision to place her baby up for adoption.  

16 years after Geiger placed her daughter, Kelsey, for adoption, she went on to move and later discovered that her daughter’s adoptive mother, Donna, taught in the same school district. She was able to eventually get in contact with Donna who graciously allowed Geiger to attend events and see her daughter from afar.  

“Kelsey had always said that one day she wanted to meet me, but she wanted to wait until she was 18. When I contacted Donna, Kelsey was a junior,” said Geiger. “One day she turned 18, her senior year, and her mom set up a meeting with us exactly a month later.” 

Kelsey is now 30 and has a close relationship with her biological mother and her family.  

“We have a wonderful relationship now. She is a wonderful, godly woman,” said Geiger. “I understand many adoption stories do not turn out the same as this. I understand that other people have different experiences, but just remember we live in a fallen world. What man means for evil; God can change for good.” 

The purpose of the banquet was not only to celebrate the amazing progress the center has made over the last year, but also to raise funds in hopes of moving to a bigger location soon. A larger building would provide opportunities to better serve families in the community and surrounding areas. 

For those who were unable to attend, you can still donate by PayPal: @seedswc or on our website .