Flyers dive bomb Lakeside 52-0

Loyola College Prep scored most of their points in the second quarter, leading to a final score of 52 to 0 over Lakeside Warriors Friday.

The Flyers scored 7 in the first, third and fourth quarters and 31 points in the second. The first was a rushing touchdown with PAT. Rushing touchdowns and punt return scores were the name of the game for the Flyers until the third quarter when they completed an 18-yard pass for a touchdown.

A few minutes later, Lakeside fumbled and Loyola recovered. At the end of the third quarter, the score was LCP 45, Lakeside 0. The final fourth quarter score was another rushing TD and with 10 minutes to go, Lakeside couldn’t punch it in.

Next week the Warriors play Calvary Baptist in a district game at home in Sibley.