Gibson is Week 8 winner of Pick’em contest

Congratulations, Marcus Gibson, our Week 8 winner of Webster Parish Journal’s Football Pick’em Contest with a perfect score. Gibson was 12 and 0 and didn’t even require the tie breaker.

See Thursday’s journal for a photo awarding Gibson $100 in cash from Claudine Thomas and title sponsor Under Dawgs. 

Celebrity stats:

Pat Culverhouse  10 of 12

Webster Parish Sheriff Jason Parker 9 of 12

 Minden Police Chief Jared McIver 9 of 12

Minden Mayor Nick Cox 8 of 12

Josh Beavers 8 of 12

Curtis Mays 6 of 12

Signing up for the contest only takes a couple of minutes. Log on to and follow the instructions.

Entries will remain open until 4 p.m. each Friday before the listed games.